Carefree Path of Dreams
396 Fist Technique
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Carefree Path of Dreams
Author :The Plagiarist
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396 Fist Technique


after dinner and parting ways with sun jian, fang yuan returned to the university, found a quiet corner and started to examine his loots.

the ancient scriptures in his hands were torn and dirty, but he could vaguely tell where it came from.

"i've read about it in the history books before. this was recorded by a cultivator in the ancient times known as 'yellowstone duke'. in the scripture, he described the dao of fengshui and yin and yang... looking at this handwriting, it seems like it was written by a person skilled in calligraphy and this must be rather valuable..."

without paying too much attention to the handwriting, fang yuan opened the scripture and flipped to a few pages which felt abnormal.


these pages were thin like a dragonfly's wings. they were smooth and words cluttered on the page, describing the scripture.

"just the words alone, i can tell that every word is full of meaning and energy. by looking at it often, i will be able to cultivate my energy..."

fang yuan flipped open the abnormal pages and the words of filled his vision.

"is this... a scripture on medicine?"

examining it, fang yuan was pleasantly surprised.

the was a recording of the dao of fengshui and the dao of yin and yang and there were a few ancient cultivation techniques within it. this was a developed version of the penned down by a reverend doctor as he used it to cure patients and lengthen his lifespan!

"or should i say that... this is a combination of medicine and cultivation? this is rather suitable for me..."

the foundation of fang yuan's physical body was still on the elemental spiritual energy cultivation spell. however, the green capsule scripture additional recordings placed emphasis on the technique and the usage, which could complement his body.

"however, it is still a pity... although i can now absorb spiritual droplets, my progress is still too slow and i can only awaken my energy sense. it is still too hard for me to perform acupuncture solely based on the energy of a body!"

fang yuan took a quick glance at his stats window:

"name: fang yuan

essence: 0.8

spirit: 0.3

magic: 1.0

profession: ???

cultivation: ???

technique: [elemental spiritual energy cultivation spell (grade 1 (13%))]

skill: [medicine (level 3)], [botany (level 5)], [fiery golden eyes (level 1)]"

"i still have a lot to learn about the absorption and manipulation of spiritual droplets!"

fang yuan clenched his fists and sighed.

he had made progress in his 3 years of training and familiarisation. considering his knowledge in warfighting, he would still be able to defeat 2 zhao danius at the same time.

unfortunately, that would only place him at the level of a special forces soldier in the military.


without consider, he smashed a ceramic doll, revealing the treasures hidden inside.

in the ceramic doll, there was a figurine of aquilaria maitreya[1]. the materials used to make it were already valuable, and fang yuan could tell that the workmanship to craft the figurine was top-notch. together, it made the figurine a real treasure and fang yuan could earn many times more than what he spent to buy the ceramic doll.

in the other two dolls, gold and jade were stuffed in them. there were also coins from other countries and it seemed that they were the backup of the government during the tumultuous times of developmental years of chinese country.

however, it was a pity that the inheritance did not pass on. the descendants of the founding fathers had long forgotten about all these fortunes, which in turn benefited fang yuan.

"i shall keep this aquilaria maitreya first... as for the foreign coins, i shall sell them directly in the black market and gather capital for my cultivation..."

since the time where fang yuan had begun to absorb spiritual droplets, he realised that his appetite had grown.

the resources which he tianming had given him was not enough, and it would not be nice to trouble him further.

"it is a rewarding day to be able to reap all these treasures! what else can i be unsatisfied about?"

fang yuan took in a deep breath. he kept his treasures in his bag and started his training.

a technique which resembled a guiding skill was slowly being executed.

at the same time, the weak energy sense in his body started to trigger, activating the few acupuncture points and meridians to increase the rate of absorption of spiritual droplets.

as he progressed, he could feel that his technique and his physical body was slowly being strengthened. all of these were satisfactory.

"sha! sha!"

after a long while, fang yuan finally opened his eyes and breathed out a heavy deep breath. his ears twitched. "is there someone around?"

he raised his head and gazed at the sky. the bright moon had already risen up into the dark sky. "it is already so late. why would anyone come here at this time? they are also not making out..."

the place which fang yuan had chosen was a secluded lakeside of the university, within a forest.

if it was a couple coming here at this timing, then it would be logical.

however, fang yuan could clearly detect that there was only one person.

"this person must be crazy!"

after coming to a conclusion, fang yuan grabbed his bag, hid behind a tree and appeared excited.

"whooo! whoo!"

a regulated breathing sound was heard as a university student ran across the forest. he seemed like he was in his twenties and was cleanly shaved. he did not seem to be afraid of the cold as he was running half-naked, revealing his muscles. he seemed like a leopard.

"the training in daytime is not enough..."

the young man mumbled to himself. as he readied himself, he started to practise his martial arts as though there was no one around.

"whoo! whoo!"

his feet were quick and in his punches, there were vague roars of beasts, which would surely startle anyone who would hear it.

"he is a normal person, but this is... martial arts?"

fang yuan knew that he was a normal person from a single look. however, his muscles were well-toned and it seemed like he had learnt martial arts since young and at this point in time, he seemed as though he was stuck at a certain stage.

in the dark forest, there were roars of tigers and lions, chirps of cranes and screams of monkeys. after a long while, there was a sigh.

"this is still not enough!"

"my five beasts fist is still lacking something. i cannot focus the strength in my entire body together to achieve the 'strength opening' realm... grandfather told me that all the highly-skilled youths are in the university. why haven't i met a single one of them?"

as the moonlight poured down, the young man gazed up with a look of determination. his facial features were distinct and his appearance made him seem like a person with animal instincts.

"i, chen bo, did not come to the university to study! from tomorrow onwards, i shall challenge the martial artists of the capital and make my family's five beasts fist famous!"

'what age is this already? why is his thinking still so archaic?'

fang yuan stood by the side and remained dumbfounded. 'this young man had read too much wuxia novels and no one can save him. however, this five beasts fist is still rather interesting.'

with fang yuan's fiery golden eyes, fang yuan could not only observe his martial arts technique, but also the flow of his strength in his body.

this young man was clueless. now that he had performed his martial arts in front of fang yuan, he would have unknowingly taught fang yuan the entire five beasts fist.

'are the martial arts from these martial arts family still useful?'

fang yuan observed and could identify the foundation of the five beasts fist. it was a technique focused on imitating five types of beasts found in the natural environment. it was a technique which would allow one to strengthen one's bones, harness blood energy and breakthrough one's physical limits.

'of course, without the nourishment from spiritual droplets, he would only abuse his own blood energy and will still not be able to breakthrough for his whole life. furthermore, after 40 years old, the condition of his body will start to deteriorate... no wonder these ancient martial arts are not being passed down. looking at things, chen bo seems to have caught this prime time...'

although the strength opening realm was nothing in fang yuan's eyes, he could still predict the future path of this set of martial arts.

at the peak of cultivation for the five beasts fist, one would have the potential to harness energy from the external surroundings and absorb spiritual droplets to start one's journey to become supernormal.

"of course, anyone in the strength opening realm would already be considered highly-skilled. the stage which i have predicted would require one to be the master of the arts and is extremely difficult! difficult!! difficult!!!"

fang yuan shook his head. "even if one were to attain true strength and would be able to absorb spiritual droplets to begin the journey to become supernormal, they would only be at the initial stage of the elemental spiritual energy cultivation spell. to put in bluntly, it is a low-levelled version of cultivation. of course, i'll have to admit that it is still rather useful in strengthening one's physical body..."

chen bo was clueless that by simply performing his martial arts, he had exposed his heritage and that even the secret parts of the technique which his grandfather was unaware of were already being discovered.

'hmm... it seems like i have fate with this capital, or it might be an accumulative 3 years of good karma that is expended in a single day...'

he had benefited from buying the ceramic dolls and scripture and now, he had the chance to witness an impressive martial arts technique. all of this made fang yuan felt satisfied.

'since i've benefited from looking at your family's martial arts, i shall help you!'

thinking about it, fang yuan folded his collar up, shielding half of his face. as his leg became slightly bent, he bolted out like a cannon.

"who's that?"

as soon as fang yuan moved, chen bo could immediately detect it and was utterly shocked.

as a martial artist, his reaction was to counter-attack. his fists became claws as he struck towards the small black silhouette with a tiger's roar.

it was a cardinal sin among martial artists to peep at someone else practising their martial arts and was even considered reasonable to cripple the peeping tom.

however, the black figure didn't dodge but returned with a fist.

"roar! roar!"

in that instant, an explosion came from the small silhouette. as his fist flew in the air, roars of lions and tigers could be heard.

'five beasts fist! the voices of the tendons and bones! the unified lion and tiger roar! strength opening! this is impossible!'

chen bo's eyes were wide open as he was stunned.

such a scene would mean that this person would have already combined the strength of his entire body and releasing it out in a single punch. the power of the punch would increase by folds. even before an elder of the martial arts world, such a punch would mean that the person was worthy enough to be regarded as highly-skilled.


without a doubt, chen bo flew backwards.

although he was only a step away from the strength opening realm, it was a huge step for him!

"why do you know my family's secret martial arts technique, the five beasts fist!"

even though his body felt like shattering apart, he knew that he had to ask the question as he thought hard about who this person before him could be.

unfortunately, the moonlight in the forest was too dim and the person had intentionally covered half of his face. with a hoarse voice, fang yuan spoke. "the strength opening realm of the five beasts fist would require one to tame the dragon of the spine and have delicate control over one's blood energy in the forehead. be careful not to go on the wrong path... and focus on training your crane form!"

the voice echoed in the forest. in an instant, the silhouette disappeared.

chen bo was still in a trance as though streaks of lightning struck his head. "crane form? dragon of the spine? forehead?"

"who is this person? why is he so familiar with the chen family's five beasts fist? could he be an elder of the family?"

he laid on the floor in an ungraceful position for a long while before forcing himself up. he did not know whether to laugh or cry. "grandfather is right. these highly-skilled people are everywhere!"

[1]: aquilaria maitreya is a type of buddha.


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