128 Movie Nigh
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Author :Vanilla_Crown
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128 Movie Nigh

"I really can't wait for that thing Ashley and Scarlet invited us to after dinner." Daisy smiled as we made our way to the main hall for dinner.

"You did quite well today Emilia!!!" Helen smiled.

"Yeah...." I sighed taking a seat.

"So what's a movie again?..." Jay asked.

"Hmmmm to put it in your terms..... it's like an illusion and a theater production slammed together." I smiled.

"Hmm that does sound intriguing..." Grace replied with a smile.

"Did you guys read the news?.... apparently the negotiations are going well and we should anticipate Eastern kingdom reinforcements within weeks."

"That's great!! That would save al lot of innocent people." I replied.

"To be honest we don't know what King Edward offered to them in return." Helen replied.

"Yeah I guess we'll hear about the condition of the alliance in the upcoming months." Jay replied.

"Is there any news on the Elven Cities?.." Helen asked.

"No sadly.... it only focuses on news in and around Arcaida." Jay answered.

"Hmmm... Mind if we borrow your scrying orb Emilia?..." Helen asked politely.

"Ohhh sure!!" I said pulling it out my pocket rolling it to her, totally forgot I had some sort of spying orb.

"Woah Woah Woah..." Jay instantly commented, "you don't just treat a rare magical item like its some sort of ball." He commented on the way I casually rolled the Orb across the table.

"Ohhh... sorry!" I appologised.

"Ohhh Jay..... it's alright magically enchanted items are more durable then normal stuff." Helen argued.

"But still!!! magical items and artifacts need to handled with care." He insisted.

"Yeah I'm sorry Jay, by the way have any of you heard from Morgana?.." I asked curiously.

"Let's use the orb." Helen insisted holding it in her hands and focusing on it. "Hmmm looks like shes talking to Ashley about something..... I can't hear what they are talking about though..... " Helen answered after a few moments of concentrating.

"Hmmm I wonder what they could possibly talking about." I wondered as Helen return to us.

"Do you think she found news about something thats going on in the school?...." Grace asked.

"Maybe shes looking for something.... Ashley does have a lot of stuff in his lab." Daisy suggested.

"Yeah.... maybe we can ask Ashley when we see him after dinner." I suggested.

We quickly finished up eating making sure we wasn't too late meeting up with Ashley and Scarlet and began making our way to their room.

"Come in!" Scarlet voice yelled out to us as the familiar smell of popcorn and hot dogs filled me nose.

"Ohhh what's this smell?" Daisy asked entering after me.

"Ohhhh hey everyone! come in come in!!! take a seat!!" Ashley greeted us as all entered the dimly lit room.

We all walked in in taking a seat on the sofas with bowls of popcorn and cans of soft drinks on the table. "Ohhh that's all this stuff." Helen glanced at the table filled with all sort sof things she didn't recognize.

"That is popcorns... we have..... sweet, salty, butter and salted caramel." Scarlet pointed out to every taking a seat. "We also have fizzy flavored drinks." She said handing out some to everyone.

"Scarlet ask if anyone wants Hot dog or Nachos!" Ashley shouted from the kitchen.

"Ohhhh I'll take Nachos... with cheese if possible." I asked Scarlet politely.

"Hmmm Skip on the hotdogs just make a bunch of Nachos." Scarlet ordered Ashley.

"Sure no problems." Ashley answered and withing minutes came out with two large trays filled with Nachos drizzled in sweet luscious melted cheese.

"I love nacho!" I smiled in glee instantly digging in.

"Ohh my this is truly amazing." Grace smiled also digging in.

"So what's this movie?... thing.." Jay asked Scarlet.

"Ohhh let's get the movie starts!!" Scarlet smiled, "Any recommendation?.." She asked looking at me.

"Do you happen to have my favourite movie?..." I asked with a smile.
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"The one Paul dislikes?..." Scarlet chuckled.

"Yeah..." I Laughed.

"Sure let's do it!!! don't tell Paul... but I'm also a fan!" She smiled at me.

Ashley pulled out a suit case from under the sofas and opened it up pulling out what seemed to be a projector positioning it towards what I now notice is a plane large wall. With a few taps of his arm the room darkened and the projector switched on as the very nostalgic theme tune rang out, making me feel more comfortable as if I've mad another friend group one that I can trust on. In the back of my mind there was a niggling thought, how everyone back at home was doing now that I'm not there... can that weird clone Paul made of me really trick everyone into thinking that's the real me?...

"Woah!!!! everything looks so real!!!" Jay instantly commented.


"Wow that family the child was with was extremely horrible... why would the Headmaster leave him with such a horrible family..." Helen commented after the movie.

"It's surprisingly interesting seeing how life is different in other planes." Jay smiled

"It's not a real plane." I replied to Jay.

"What?.... where you come you don't enter into a magical school by the age of 12?.." He asked shocked.

"Nope... this was all fantasy... we don't have or use magic." I reminded him, "This is just like a theater production." I added.

"Yeah but according to the story you wouldn't know if it is real or not." Jay commented.

"Okay..... that is true but this is just a story of fiction... so we assume it was all fictional." I answered

"Hmmmmmmm...." Jay pondered, "Well if we ever get to visit your plane maybe we would check for certain there's no magic." Jay smiled.

"I wonder if Atlantis has secrets like in the movie." Daisy wondered.

"Atlantis is a very old fortress with unknown origins... we still have departments focused on unlocking and finding more hidden rooms and safeguarding the students." Ashley smiled.

"Really?..." Daisy asked with a giant smile.

"Yup we only uncovered most the surface rooms.... and this fortress being so big there's bound to be something under the surface levels." Ashley answered.

"There are some out of bound areas though... extremely unstable and dangerous so heed any warnings you might see." Scarlet warned us.

"The movie was quite fun!" Grace smiled, "aside from the missing... hunters and ranger?!" She asked.

"And the druids!!!" Helen agreed.

"Don't forget me!" Daisy added.

"Sorry guys but it's meant to be an epic tale of wizards only." I tried explaining to them.

"Their forms of instant travel is so amazing... I wouldn't mind learning a spell to instant travel...." Jay sighed.

"Or the pets!!! I would love an owl!!!" Daisy smiled.

"Helen is really good with animals being a druid" Grace replied gleefully.

"Yup I can talk to animals and plants." Helen nodded.

"What about the flying booms?..... do you get them here?.." I asked extremely hopeful.

"Hmmm generally... Flying brooms are only associated with Hags..... so generally no.... and even flying on one would instantly spark a hostile response..... not to mention spooking the whole town." Ashley answered.

"Owww man that really sucks..." I replied.

"It's not too hard to fly to be honest there are spells that allow you to fly for some time." Scarlet smiled.

"Really?" I asked sounding hopeful.

"The whole reason the floating cities and air ships floats is because of Runes and Artifacts that maintain the fly spell permanently." Scarlet answered.

"I must say the long thing that carried the students to the school... was impressive." Ashley added, "Would make travel between cities so much faster and more accessible for the general public." Ashley smiled.

"Ahh you mean a train?..... Yeah they are very useful to travel large distances very quickly." I smiled.


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