Rafuru Uzumaki: The Swift Assassin Of the Leaf
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Rafuru Uzumaki: The Swift Assassin Of the Leaf
Author :Chase_the_Highkage
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It had been 3 years since Rafuru was away from the Leaf village, finally he was going to return to the Leaf shortly. Rafuru stood at the entrance gate of the hidden Leaf, in his heart he was really happy to return to his hometown but didn't show any signs of happiness. Just as he was going to enter the village he looked back at Sasuke who wasn't moving from his place, he turned back and started walking opposite to the Leaf village. Rafuru tried to stop him, "hey! Have you forgotten that the Leaf in this direction?" Sasuke answered "my work here is finished, I have to go on another mission. My job was to train you and escort you safely to the village. Unfortunately I don't have anything to teach you. We'll both be going back to living the lives that we used to live before 3 years." Rafuru didn't even try to stop him cause he knew that duties were duties and a shinobi like Sasuke cannot postpone them just to take a vacation and have fun. Both of them walked in opposite directions without looking back. Rafuru finally entered the village as he walked further and further he could hear people talking about him. "hey isn't that Rafuru? I haven't seen him in years1". "That's because he has been training with Sasuke-san, we saw his match months ago remember?" the other guy then replied "Yeah, he finished the opponent in just a few minutes and the opponent was 'Yamamaru' of the Cloud…" Rafuru could hear every single gossip, "well so much for being adopted by the hero of the world!" they all suddenly started talking about how Naruto adopted him because of his skills and powers.

He ignored them and headed straight towards the Hokage's office. He first knocked and then entered the office, when Kakashi saw him he he smiled and started asking about his training, "So you have finally returned! It took 3 years for Sasuke to teach you everything he knows, well we first have to test the fruits of your training. So I am assigning you a new mission." Rafuru was astonished by the sudden mission "I just returned from my travels and you want me to go on a mission right away?!" Kakashi replied "why, is there a problem? Are you planning to take a vacation? Or are you planning to see your love?" Rafuru was really annoyed by the last question "who the fuck told you?! Was it that damn sensei? I am just going to kill that asshole!" Kakashi replied "woah, woah calm down, besides atleast hear the mission first then you can tell me your decision." Rafuru replied "fine just make it quick."

"The mission is an A-ranked escort mission. You have to protect the princess of the land of Alcohol." Rafuru replied "how is body guarding a princess going to help in testing my strength? Seriously an escort mission! Do you think of me as a child?" Kakashi answered "Well you will not be doing it alone. There will be someone accompanying you, someone you'd like to work with, someone you will be working for the first time." When Rafuru gave it a thought, he realized that it can't be Hanabi cuz she was his teammate and it couldn't be any other ninja because he thought of everyone as a burden and obstacles who come in his way. "He'll be here any minute now." Just when Kakashi finished his sentence a knock was heard on the door. "Enter!" said Kakashi, when the person entered Rafuru's expression suddenly changed as he bow down to greet his father. Yes, the one who was gonna accompany him was 'Naruto'. "I knew you'd like to work with your father for a change. Actually the mission was supposed to be carried by your father because the princess is a real big fan of his, she was willing to pay a lot so I couldn't say no." said Kakashi all ashamed and red, "then it came to my attention that Naruto is now married and has a little kid if anything would happen to him, Hinata and Boruto would suffer, so I thought that you would be the perfect choice for this type of mission."

Rafuru replied with a tone of anger in his voice "the way you look down on my father, it really angers me! You want me to go on a mission to protect the world's savior who is also going to protect a princess? Are you fucking high?!" Naruto smacked on Rafuru's head when he said those words. "Alright, I'll go. You don't have to hit me you know!" Naruto then said "you are finally back idiot! Please come home with me, at least meet your brother. I won't take no for an answer." He dragged Rafuru to the house, when they reached the home Hinata was standing at the door waiting for Naruto to return. When she saw that Naruto wasn't alone she wondered who the other guy was when they opened the door she saw Rafuru all grown up. She rushed towards their direction, at first Rafuru thought that she was going to hug Naruto and ask him about his day but she didn't even greet Naruto and walked passed him and hugged Rafuru real tight. "So you are finally back after 3 years, your father and I missed you." Rafuru thought "we just met a few months ago but she still missed me this much? I guess she really is like my real mom, caring and all." Hinata was a really important person in Rafuru's life, she treated him like her real son and the same was with Rafuru, he also treated her like she was his real mom. He shared every part of his life that happened with him till now except his feelings for Hanabi. They both looked so alike that one could not tell that they weren't related by blood. When he entered the house he saw Hanabi sitting on the couch and eating some fries and hamburgers, when she saw him she stopped eating she almost threw the food aside, got up and greeted him. He also smiled at her and nodded his head. "You must be tired right? I'll make special dinner for you" said Hinata. Rafuru thanked her and went to his room. "So Hanabi is here too. I have got to behave properly. I guess I'll take a bath first and change into some fresh clothes."

When Rafuru entered the living room he saw his brother playing with his toys, he headed towards him and sat down beside him. When Boruto looked towards his face he got scared and got back but when he saw Rafuru smiling he also smiled towards him, picked a toy and gave it to Rafuru as if trying to tell Rafuru to play with him. Rafuru didn't mind at all and took the toy from his hand and started playing with him, for Rafuru it was like he was looking at the past him. "I was born innocent like him but the conditions that I went through are a lot different than the conditions he is going through right now. When I look at myself, I see nothing it's like I am shallow but when I look at others I can feel that they are really happy." Hanabi interrupted their moment and sat right next to Rafuru. "Who knew that you of all people is good with kids, that toy that Boruto gave you, he has never given it to someone else." Rafuru replied "I don't know, I guess he knows that we are brothers." Hanabi started laughing and said "You still need to work on your communication skills." Rafuru wasn't even a bit annoyed when she made fun of him instead he replied "Yea I guess that you are right." Saying this is he also started laughing. It wasn't the first time that he laughed since he admired Naruto so much he also took his nature but in his own way. "How have you been? It has been 3 long years that you left the village and went for training. I guess you have a lot of jutsus to show us don't you?" Rafuru replied "Nah, they aren't that great I just learned a few jutsus that you must already know. The training was to learn my real ability i.e. the Energy manipulation or energy release if you call it that way." Naruto interrupted them "hey you two love birds done talking? The dinner is ready, eat up before it gets cold." The both of them blushed a little and nodded their heads.

After the dinner Hanabi returned to the Hyuga mansion and all the others went to sleep.

Rafuru and Hinata woke up early in the morning and Rafuru helped her in the household chores. As usual Naruto woke up late, they both ate breakfast and left to the rendezvous point where they were supposed to meet the princess.



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