Unrivaled Medicine God
1327 Ghost King Cave
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Unrivaled Medicine God
Author :Feng Yise
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1327 Ghost King Cave

"Big Brother, us brothers all save you a bit of face. This wager, shall we call it off? Waiting here is so boring, that kid definitely can't come out," Number Seven said.

"Yeah, I say, what's going on with Big Brother today? Normally, you aren't like this!" Number Three also urged.

Facing the group of brothers' persuasion, Chang Liang smiled without expressing approval nor disapproval and just said, "It's just been half a day, and you guys can't wait anymore?"

"Heh, Big Brother, we're saving face for you here!" Number Seven said.

Chang Liang smiled and said, "Please don't save face for me! Even reckoning makes for long friends for us blood brothers. Since this wager was set, then let's continue all the way."

At this time, a voice sounded out by everyone's ears like a ghost.

"What are you guys betting on?"

Everyone turned around to look, their eyeballs immediately staring wide-open one by one.

The one who spoke was precisely Ye Yuan!

"W-W-Why … did you come out? No, wait, how did you come out?" Number Seven's tongue instantly became unable to straighten.

The six brothers all had expressions like they had seen a ghost, sizing Ye Yuan up and down.

After that, they discovered that Ye Yuan's condition could not be any better, just like there were no evil spirits inside the Purple Nether Cave at all.

Not just the six brothers, even Chang Liang was dumbfounded too.

He sensed that Ye Yuan was rather extraordinary, but he also did not expect that Ye Yuan actually only used half a day and came out.

Him saying three days' time was already overestimating Ye Yuan.

He did not think that three days were too long for Ye Yuan!

The moment Ye Yuan heard Number Seven's words, he could not help being tickled. "What are you saying? Of course I walked out. Or could it be that those evil spirits carried me out?"

"But … But … there are quite a number of late-stage One-star evil spirits in the Purple Nether Cave!" Number Seven said with an amazed look.

Ye Yuan nodded his head and said, "En, there are indeed some late-stage One-star evil spirits in here. But the numbers were still too little. I wandered around for half a day and only ran into seven or eight. There's still a long way from the total of 500! Are there places with even more? Bring me to go take a look."

Chang Liang was startled and hurriedly said, "Have! Of course there are! I'll bring you!"

Ye Yuan nodded his head and followed behind Chang Liang.

The group of people headed even deeper into the Yin Wind Den.

The deeper in, the more the evil spirits they encountered. Furthermore, the more powerful.

But Ye Yuan's performance made their jaws drop.

Evil spirits that the seven of them could only finish off after exhausting their strength, Ye Yuan seemed to be like catching a chicken, grabbing with one hand.

Then, lightly pinching, it shattered!

The Yin Wind Seven Heroes had mingled around the Yin Wind Den for many years. There had never been anyone who killed evil spirits like this.

Only at this time did the other six people believe how terrifying Ye Yuan's strength was.

Finally, the seven people escorted Ye Yuan to a second cave before the few people found a chance to talk.

Number Seven scooted in front of Chang Liang and wiped away his cold sweat as he said, "Luckily, Big Brother is wise. Otherwise … we'd probably already be like those evil spirits, pinched to death by him!"

Chang Liang also felt lingering fear. If they really made a move previously, they, the Yin Wind Seven Heroes, would probably have their names completely struck off the list today.

Of course, it was impossible for Ye Yuan to crush them to death like crushing the evil spirits.

For him to be able to easily deal with the evil spirits, that was all Dustless's credit.

But Ye Yuan's method of killing evil spirits made their hairs stand on end.

The feeling that this kind of visual impact gave them was that Ye Yuan was very strong.

Very powerful!

Chang Liang also had a bitter look as he said, "Honestly speaking, I also didn't expect that his strength was actually so great!"

"Could it be that this guy concealed his strength? An initial-stage Grotto Profound guy, how can he possibly be so strong?" Number Two said.

Chang Liang shook his head and said, "That, I don't know! Either way, we just have to earn these 5000 low-grade divine essence stones, and it will do. The rest, better don't be busybodies! Oh, right, the matter of wagering, this brother won't be courteous!"

Talking to the back, Chang Liang had a bright grin.

With this, he made a killing!

4000 low-grade divine essence stones were not a small sum to them.

Deducting the normal expenditures, for Chang Liang to want to earn this sum of money, he needed at least three to five years!

Seeing the smug expression on Chang Liang's face, the other six people felt as uncomfortable as having eaten a fly.

A cooked duck flew away just like this!

5000 low-grade divine essence stones, originally, each of them could be distributed 700 plus.

But now, the six of them could only split the remainder 1000 pieces.

A big loss!

"Heh, don't all have this expression, one must be willing to lose if they bet! Don't say that I, boss, am not righteous, I'll take another step back and only take 3000. The remainder 2000, you guys take and split!" Chang Liang said.

With this, everyone could not help being overjoyed, all thanking Chang Liang profusely.

Chang Liang's thinking was more full of schemes compared to his other six brothers.

Giving 1000 more pieces of divine essence stone could make the six brothers submit more wholeheartedly. This transaction was too worthwhile.


Another half a day's time passed, and then Ye Yuan came out of this cave.

Except, he just devoured around ten evil spirits this time as well.

Ye Yuan was very dissatisfied with this number and said to Chang Liang after coming out, "Too few! Are there caves with more? Best if there's several dozen or a hundred at once, that kind!"

Chang Liang was secretly dumbfounded. He seriously could not figure out how an initial-stage Grotto Profound rookie dealt with those late-stage One-star evil spirits.

But he still said, "Have is have, it's just that the place is a little too dangerous. The few of us brothers … don't dare to go!"

Ye Yuan said coolly, "No worries, you all just have to bring me there! At that time, I'll clean up the evil spirits around the cave. That way, you guys will be safe. As for the deposit, I'll add another 2000!"

Money could make the Devil push the millstone for you. Chang Liang and the rest braving all kinds of danger in this Yin Wind Den, wasn't it still because of divine essence stones in the end?

Ye Yuan giving such a large sum, how could they not be moved?

Moreover, Ye Yuan said that he would clean up the evil spirits in the perimeter. This way, they would have no more worries.

Chang Liang gritted his teeth and said, "Done! Around 1000 miles down, there's a Ghost King Cave. Not only are there many evil spirits there, but they are also very powerful! After Your Excellency goes in, make sure not to enter too deep, because there is a grand completion One-star evil spirits inside there! Legends have it that in the Ghost King Cave's depths, there's even a Two-star evil spirit. It's just that no one has ever seen it before!"

Ye Yuan was also secretly shocked when he heard that. If he really wanted to do this, then he would really have to be a little more careful.

Grand completion One-star evil spirit could still barely manage to deal with. But Two-star evil spirit, Dustless was still powerful to handle one currently.

Ye Yuan nodded his head and said, "Mm, many thanks for the reminder, I'll be careful!"

Seeing Ye Yuan respond with a stern countenance, Chang Liang judged that grand completion One-star might be Ye Yuan's limit.

But this result was already sufficient for him to be astonished.

They left Ye Yuan into the Ghost King Cave and waited outside themselves.

But they did not expect that at this time, over ten figures suddenly dashed in from all directions, directly surrounding the seven of them in the center!

"Huhu, searched for you all so bitterly! Didn't expect that you guys and that Ye Yuan punk are actually accomplices! The spectroscope breaking, this score, we'll have to settle it properly!" Wang Yutao's killing intent filled words transmitted into the Yin Wind Seven Heroes' ears.


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