Twisted Love
1 Coming Back Home 1
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Twisted Love
Author :Sadda
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1 Coming Back Home 1

'Please fasten your seatbelts. The plane is about to start its descent.'

With her seatbelt fastened, all she felt was excitement with a touch of anxiety. As she fixed her golden hair, the tiny diamond on her finger flashed letting the men, with their eyes on her, know she was taken.

With her delicate hand returned to her lap, she played with the ring unconsciously while looking out the window, waiting for landing. A small smile graced her angelic face from time to time creating a veil of mystery surrounding her.

Her first step out of the plane was followed with by a quite sigh of relief and strong steady steps toward the exit. Each step made a 'click' and every leg forward swayed her white summer dress's skirt, giving her a feel of an angel descending.

Being her first time coming back home in two years, nothing looked different. The village houses were still the same, old houses with paint peeling of the walls. Being from a village had been both a blessing and a curse for her the past years.

The blessing of being simple and the curse of not seeing the world. The two years abroad had been an eye opener for Sofia. She got to live and study in France, as well as find her life-partner. Ben was her first friend, first boyfriend and now fiancè.

A smile graced her face remembering the reason for her return.

The good news of her engagement.

The two years abroad had only been possible because he was there for her.

The taxi stopped before an old rundown two bedroom house, the blue metal door was open and the front yard was visible. An old lady was busy spinning wool on an old fashion spinning wheel. It was a normal routine for her, making warm clothes for the coming winter.


The old lady looked up and her eyes shined with tears. Her Daughter had finally returned home. Dropping everything, she got up with open arms and in a trembling voice said, "My baby."

The touching mother-daughter reunion was witnessed by a pair of mysterious blue eyes...


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