Twisted Love
5 Choices
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Twisted Love
Author :Sadda
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5 Choices

The first night back home was filled with mixed emotions. Coming back home had been a dream that quickly turned into a nightmare within 2 seconds.

Having her bubble burst was the waking moment for Sofia. She had created an illusion of happiness for herself in France. A fairytale story with a happy ever after.

With the breaking news at home she forgot all about the good news she wanted to share with her family.

She had not had a wink of sleep the whole night.All she could think about, were ways to quickly earn money, which were not a lot in their small town. The quickest ways were things she would never do, and everything else did not pay well.

One of her options was to move back to France in order to find a good paying job but even that would not be able to get her a million dollars. The only option left was for her to go to the King's Mansion and ask mr. King for an extension on their time. That way she could find a job and pay him back.

"Yes. I can do that... I will go to him and ask if he could possibly give us a time extension."

At the crack of dawn, before anyone in her family woke up, Sofia changed in to a light blue, medium length summer dress of her own design and paired it with 3 inch white heels and a white handbag. It was one of her favorite dresses which had been quite lucky so far, and she needed all the luck she could get. As for makeup she only applied a pink lip gloss and left her wavy golden hair open.

Before going to the King's Mansion, she planned to go to her bank and withdrawing all her savings. She could not have possibly asked for more time and not shown that she was able to pay back his money.

Having saved up money from working abroad was the only saving she had. And now if was finally going to good use.

A yellow taxi approached a giant black gated compound, which looked like it contained a lush green forest within it. The area behind the gate looked completely from the the town. Being a poor town, the grounds were not green but yellow and not even the good yellow but a dry dull yellow.

Stopping in front of the gate, a mechanical voice sounded, "What can I help you with today?"

Rolling down the back window of the taxi, Sofia answered with a soft vulnerable voice, "My name is Sofia McAne. I would like to speak to Mr. King if possible."

A heavy silence followed her speech.

Feeling dumb, Sofia softly mumbled to herself "I should have called ahead of time. Stupid. Stupid. I should of gotten an appointment, he might be busy?."

As she was near the end of her monologue, the giant black gates opened and the vehicle started to move again. The travel from the gate to the house... no the mansion was 10 minutes, and there was not a dull moment. Each second was filled with lush green trees and as they got closer to the mansion a magnificent water fountain came into view.

When she finally reached the front porch, the the dark wooden double doors opened and in front of her stood a young male in a butler outfit.

"Come in. Master is waiting for you in the dining room."


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