Twisted Love
8 The Grand Reveal 2
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Twisted Love
Author :Sadda
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8 The Grand Reveal 2

the whole way home, sofia had been trying to come up with a way to know the details of the 'deal'. she had an idea of what the deal could possibly be with the way mr. king was behaving with her. she did not want to be right and was hoping it was all her imagination. and by wording the sentence a certain way, it sounded as if she know what was going on.

"there is nothing we can do. he wants you in this deal. we needed the money and this was the only way we could get it."

"james mcane! what are you talking about? why do i not know about this deal? you said he would take something. thing! my daughter is not a thing." scream rose in a furious voice.

"this is a dream. it has to be a dream. no this can't be happening. no. no!" sofia mumbled under her voice softly before screaming the last word. with each word her vision spun faster. all of a sudden her world turned black. sofia slowly began to drop to the ground.

'tack' she was on the ground.

all hell broke loose. sofia was not the only one gone in shock. no one in the family had expected james to sell his daughter, especially rose, who was expecting their house to be the thing they would lose.

their house might not be grand but it was located in the best part of town, with a private beach in their backyard. one of the reasons people would not help. everyone wanted the house. now that they were in need of money, they thought that they could get it for cheap.

the last thing rose had expected was to have sold their daughter. a daughter who was the apple of her eye. in a poor town, families selling their children was normal but she had not realized that her husband was like those deranged people. buying and selling humans for his gain.

running to her fallen daughter, the first thing she did was lift sofia's head and place it on her lap, softly massaging it.

"how could you do that? she's your daughter. i didn't expect you to be so deranged. you sold your daughter? no. not your daughter, my daughter. you dont have the right to call her that anymore."

"sammy, dear could you call 911? you're sister is starting to have a fever." she said in a trembling voice, trying to be as calm as possible. someone needed to be clear headed in order to think things through.

within 10 minutes sofia was in an ambulance headed to the nearest hospital.


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