Twisted Love
9 Meeting Him 1
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Twisted Love
Author :Sadda
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9 Meeting Him 1

the emergency room was dead quite. no patients in sight. sofia was quickly wheeled in and prescribed an iv.

"there is no need to worry, the patient is just dehydrated and sleep deprived. hopefully this does not happen more often as it can be damaging for her health. i just need to fill some forms and i will be back." informed one of the doctors on duty.

while walking to the nursing station, a telephone on the table started to ring. quickly picking it up, he answered, "hello. this is the emergency ward. how can i help?...." his face turned pale and his pupils shrank, "yes. of course. i will get right to it."

putting the phone down, he slowly turned around and took a quick sneak peek at sofia laying on the bed, breathing a sigh of relief, went back to her.

"i thought about it and i feel it would be better if she stays here at night for observation. it is better to be safe then sorry, and this way we will be there to help if her fever gets worse in the next few hours."

"so she is fine, right? no need to worry about anything?" asked rose worryingly.

"she is fine. i just want her to stay for in case of an emergency. nothing else." reassured the doctor.

rose felt a sense of relief. her daughter would be fine, the doctors will take care of her. now she could inform sam, who was still worrying at home. she was about to call when the doctor continued.

"you don't have to be worried. we will look after her, so you can go home as you aren't really needed her. she will not wake up for a couple of hours."

realizing the doctors point, she decided to go home. she wanted to cook something for when sofia does wake up and get hungry.

a few minutes after rose had left the premises, a black rolls royce phantom stopped in front of the hospital.


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