Twisted Love
11 $2 Million
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Twisted Love
Author :Sadda
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11 $2 Million

"What do you mean '$2 Mil.. Mill.. Million'? We only borrowed $1 million." Sofia shuttered angrily yet become confused towards the end.

"Aw. You poor baby. You don't even know what's happening around you, and your ready to take all the responsibilities on yourself. Do you never think about the reason your so poor when your dad earns good money. Or why only your brother was the one who got hurt in the 'drunk driving' accident?"

Each sentence of his was a cold bucket of water to her. Why had she never thought of that? Why did she never think of where all the money was going? Why was her mother always slaving away in order to keep them feed and clothed, with no room to breathe? The more she thought about it, the paler she got.

Looking at her dazed state of mind, a predatory smile flashed on Vincent's face and quickly disappeared. Slowly his mind started to plan for the future. 'Ah, she is so easy to mold and manipulate. So easily colored by my colors. Anything I tell her could become true with a little bit of effort in the future.' All he needed to do was twist some truths to his favor and she would be eating out of his hands.

"But why did he ask for $2 Million if Sam only needed 1 for his treatment?" Sofia asked in a soft vulnerable manner.

"That is easy. Your father owed a million in gambling debt. That was the reason for Sam's injury in the first place. And your mother is no saint, if that is what you believe. She knew all about this and still did nothing to help." Waiting for Sofia to look him in the eyes, he continued "Look she left you all alone in this hospital when you needed her the most. If I was not informed of your state, you would have been out in the streets. No one paid for your stay."

"So why did you pay for me?"


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