Twisted Love
12 Twisting It All 1
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Twisted Love
Author :Sadda
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12 Twisting It All 1

"Why would I pay for you now? Or why did I pay for you then?"

Thinking for a better way to word it, she continued awkwardly, "Why did you buy me?"

"Why would I buy you? Hmm. That is a good question. Let me ask you something." Waiting for her go ahead, he continued "What would you do if a man comes to you and says he is ready to sell his daughter to anyone who would give him $2 million? You could refuse his and feel responsible if she gets sold to some deranged man who could do anything. Or you could say yes and know she would be safe in your house. Which do you think I should have chosen?"

He had thrown her a curve ball, a really sharp curve ball. What else should he have done if not this? Her mind started to spin.

Noticing her dilemma, Vincent softly added, "I dont want you to think of me as the bad guy. I just did what I thought was best at that point in time. I had just had a kid and could not get where he was coming from, and you been only 18 made my decision easier. Thinking about my son, I did not want his to be in that situation, but if he ever was, then i would hope that someone would save him. I just did what i could hope someone would do for him."

Hearing him out, Sofia felt stupid. How did she make such decisions about his character with no information? Thinking it through, she spoke "I'm sorry for the way I was behaving when you entered the room. I should not have said that. I'm sorry."

"Now that everything is clear, let's talk about your health. I would like to complete a full body check up for you." Sitting next to her, stroking her hand gently, "I know you're healthy but just to be sure. After all I did pay for you. Now I wouldn't want damaged goods, now would I?" he added jokingly to lighten the mood.


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