Twisted Love
13 Twisting It All 2
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Twisted Love
Author :Sadda
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13 Twisting It All 2

liking his new side, sofia agreed


"well then, let me go and talk to your doctor about some of the test that he will complete. just relax for a minute and i will be back with the doctor."

having his back towards sofia, vincent's eyes twinkled in delight. it was going according to plan. now all he had to do was talk with the doctor and all was ready to go.

as he exited the room, a man the same age as vincent was waiting outside.

"i want her out of it during the check up." vincent smiled, "i want to check her out personally. i want to know everything about her. her general and private health. i want to know everything."

all the young man did was nod with a smirk. he was used to vincent's ways from a young age. being best friends was a pain, vincent was too demanding.

re-entering the room, vincent introduced the doctor, "this is dr. chris, he is my personal doctor and he will be the one performing the check up."

"hello, miss. mcane. my name is chris and you will be under my care from now on words. now before we start, i wanted to inform you that some of the test may be painful or embarrassing for you."

"what do you mean 'painful'? i dont want her in pain. give her something to avoid the pain." said vincent in a harsh voice.

"its ok. i can bare the pain." answered sofia softly. she was used to pain, as she got hurt at lot during her childhood.

"there is no discussion. i dont want her in pain and that is final."

hearing his words, sofia noticed that everything vinc... no mr. king had done so far was all for her good. so she decided to follow his advice and nodded to show her consent.

seeing her agree with him, vincent felt proud. she was already submissive towards him, just what he wanted.


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