Twisted Love
15 Waking Up
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Twisted Love
Author :Sadda
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15 Waking Up

having completed the medical tests and his own personal exam, vincent was happy. she was still a virgin for him, meaning that no one had tainted her. not even her 'fiancè'.

slowly waking up to a luxuriously comfortable bed, sofia felt a little sore on her bottom half.

noticing her discomfort, vincent asked, "what is wrong? are you in pain?"

opening her eyes, sofia looked at vincent and blushed. how was she to say to him her crotch was in pain? why was she in pain down there anyway?

seeing her blush and confused look, chris spoke "she must be in slight discomfort. i did give her a full body check up. this included her vaginal health. i had to insert a small wire in there, so it is irritated right now. there is nothing to worry about, you are still a virgin and the pain will fade away in an hour or two." having said that, vincent and chris shared a look. "i have to go now but i will send the test results to vincent when they are done. have a good day miss. mcane."

vincent and sofia were left alone in the luxurious room. hearing the doctor's words, she felt self conscious. her private information was out in the open now. especially in front of a vincent, a stranger who she was meeting for the second time.

taking pleasure in his handy work, vincent asked in a worried voice "are you in a lot of pain? do you need pain medication?" seeing her not say anything he continued "you know you can talk to me. i might be able to help you."

have her turn red in embarrassment, vincent acted like he finally realized why she was so quiet. giving her a slight smile "ooo! sorry! i should have realized earlier. do you want me to leave?"

not wanting to be alone, she answered awkwardly trying to lighten up the mood, "no, you can stay. it's ok, nothing to be ashamed of. i believe in sex after marriage."

"well tell me if the pain does not fade. i could get you pain medication."

"en." sofia sounded her agreement.

having the silence to think things through, sofia found many questions she wanted clarified.


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