Twisted Love
21 The First Night 2
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Twisted Love
Author :Sadda
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21 The First Night 2

sofia had fallen in love with the bedroom. it was exactly like her dream room, a king size bed with side tables on both sides and a minimalistic dressing table. exploring the room was a treat. it had a huge walk-in closet with her possessions already unpacked. the only depressing part were her clothes, they did not even fill up 1/4 of the closet space.

having completed her mini tour, sofia was in awe. every room in the house looked like it belonged in an interior design magazine.

"we will be having dinner at 9 pm tonight. so get freshened up and come down stairs."

having forgotten that vincent was still present, sofia got startled at the sudden voice from behind her, within the room.

"i'll be down within 20 minutes. thank you for the room. i really like it." turning around towards vincent, she spoke softly.

being left alone, she let out a small excited squeal. walking into the closet, her items were organized by type and within that by colour. finding things was very easy, she chose a white full length, sleeveless dress. the eye grabbing point of the dress was that it had a sheer back and a slit till the mid thigh. she had designed this dress for an assignment during her first year. and had not had an opportunity to wear it, seeing how everyone was dressed nicely when she arrived, she chose this dress in order to blend in.

the bathroom was as huge as the closet. it had a white bathtub, marble jacuzzi, a rainfall shower and a his and her's sink. it also had a full length mirror facing the shower.

taking a quick shower, she had already planned to take a dip in the jacuzzi one of those days. as she had a deadline for dinner she could not take a relaxing bath, so she was done in 10 minutes. the leftover time was spent drying up and changing into her clothes.

right at 8:45 pm, there was a knock on her door and a soft voice, "ma'am, it is almost time for dinner. master has sent me to call you down."


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