Twisted Love
22 The First Night 3
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Twisted Love
Author :Sadda
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22 The First Night 3

arriving at the dinner table, there was only space for three people. sofia was not sure what was happening.

noticing the hesitation on her face, vincent called her over, "come on in. dinner will be served any minute now."

"should i be sitting with you both? i can go eat with everyone else." she was trying to find her place in all of this.

she came there as a worker, but she was not being treated that way at all. she was feeling weird.

"don't make me say it twice. come and sit. food is ready." this was the first time he had gotten angry with her. every other time, he was sweet.

looking from vincent to john, who was looking at them both, she thought 'ah, he does not want to lose his authority in front of his son.'

the minute she sat down, the food was wheeled in. it was delivered in parts, first it was a light seafood soup, followed by a salad, next was stake with red wine for the adults and juice for john. it was all ended with a chocolate molten lava cake. it was all 5 star food. she had never had food this good before.

"i need to finish some work. so help johnathan wash up and get him ready for bed."

the order had arrived, and the schedule made. but it was good for her. this way she could get to know john as well. as she had not talked to him when she had arrived.

taking jonathan's hand, they started to make their up to his room. looking at him she started a conversation to break the ice.

"hi johnathan. nice to meet you. my name is sofia mcane and i will be taking care of you from now onwards."


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