Twisted Love
24 Misunderstandings
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Twisted Love
Author :Sadda
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24 Misunderstandings

the whole way up johnathan had not said a word to her in reply to her many questions. she was starting to believe he did not like her.

"johnathan. dear? is something wrong? did i do something?"

the more she waited for him to say something the more dejected she felt. her beliefs were being proven correct.

the silence was broken when a broken sentence was spoken. "daddy... not here."

she finally realized that it was not that he did not like her, but that he did not trust her yet. this was the first time johnathan was left alone with her as well as the first time they were meeting. having realized that, sofia came up with a plan.

"dear. let's get you ready for bed and then i'll go call daddy to tuck you in bed. is that ok with you?"

having come to a compromise, they started process of washing up. it was a fun time. johnathan had started to talk to her on his own accord. "daddy says we go farmhouse my birthday. we horse ride. he say i have horse."

she could see that his 3rd birthday was a big deal for him. he had already planned everything, eating cake, opening gifts and riding his own horse. with the way he was talking, she could tell johnathan was loved by his father.

by the time johnathan was ready for bed, it had already been a hour since they went into the bathroom. the time had passed in a blink of an eye, and she had come to love his innocence, and did not want him to grow up.

the whole time he was playing with his rubber ducks. making up fairytales and acting it out with his toys. the whole thing was a treat for her. she had finally learned what other parents were feeling seeing their children grow up.

getting johnathan into bed, sofia made her way to vincent's office. the door was slightly open, and the sound of punting could be heard. thinking 'is he ok?', she quickly entered the room.

vincent was sitting on the couch, face turned up to the ceiling with his eyes closed punting. the minute she looked at his body, her brain stopped working. his hand hand was pumping his private area.

realizing what was happening, she let out a scream, "ahhh!!" before turning around. "i'm so sorry. i did not mean to intrude. johnathan wanted you to tuck him into bed."


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