Twisted Love
25 Accidents
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Twisted Love
Author :Sadda
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25 Accidents

running out of the room, sofia's face turned scarlet. she had never been in such a situation before. she was never the open minded type of person, so even during her relationship with ben, they had not talked about such simulating topics.

experiencing such a scene, she did not know how to react. she could still not process it completely. as she was running away, she quickly reached johnathan's room.

entering through the open door, he was sitting on his bed ready for his dad. not knowing when vincent would be there she tried to stall, "so daddy will be here soon." her face turned a brighter shade of red at the mention of the word 'daddy'. "till then do you want me to read you a book?"

looking at her for a while, till he thought it through, johnathan finally answered "jack."

"jack who?" asked sofia in confusion. trying to look around her to see if some 'jack' had entered the room and he was not talking to her.

not being able to wait any longer, johnathan removed his blanket from over himself and slowly got off the bed. the whole time sofia was not aware of what was happening. seeing him go to his mini bookshelf, filled with books, he was getting a book. climbing back into place he gave her the book, and waited.

the jack he had mentioned was non other than 'jack and the beanstalk' a story book she was very familiar with. it was a book she had read to sam many times as he was growing up.

knowing the story from the back of her mind, she began her story telling like a professional storyteller. every sentence was read in an engaging manner, not a single moment was boring. johnathan was holding his blanket throughout the story, moving it up during suspense moments and down when he felt relieved. the rollercoaster ride left him exhausted. the minute she finished telling the story, johnathan was fast asleep with the blanket still clinched in his fists.

tucking him in properly, she slowly left the room closing the door silently behind herself. being in her bubble, she did not notice vincent outside the room. turning around she hit a hard wall, she lost her footing before losing her balance as well. before hitting the ground, two warm hands held her up.

looking up, it was non other than vincent. seeing him reminded her of the scene in the office, where his hands where preoccupied by other things. and now those same hands were holding her.


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