Twisted Love
30 The light at the end of the Tunnel 2
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Twisted Love
Author :Sadda
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30 The light at the end of the Tunnel 2

breakfast went as usual, johnathan was eating and talking to vincent about what he wanted to do with him all day.

"daddy, we swim, i go in water.... we eat icecream." he sounded very cute as he could not pronounce the r's well enough. the whole time the adults were smiling as johnathan was in his own world planning his day.

today they had stayed in the dinning room longer then usual. they were still there when the clock ticked 8am, they had been eating for the past one hour. the reason was none other than vincent, he had created a rule to stay at the table until everyone was done eating. sofia had loved this rule when she had heard of it for the first time. she had grown up in a family where she was responsible for her younger sibling, she was the one making food and the one feeding it, this was all because the adults were not home so she was eating after her brother had finished eating. this rule ment that she could experience the pleasure of eating with others.

after everyone was done eating, sofia took her leave as she went to her room. she had alot planned for the day, from hair removal to cleaning her room to finally relaxing out in the sun.

her plans did not go in order as jasmine, the maid she had gotten close to this past week, had not finished her current duty and would take a few more minutes. jasmine was 24 years old. she had come from the capital with vincent when he moved in. one thing she noticed was that all the workers in the mansion were not from her town, they had all moved in with vincent and johnathan 2 years back.

not wanting to waste any time, she got into the zone and began cleaning and organizing her vanity table. she had many beauty products but most of it was creams and serum to keep her skin healthy rather than makeup products to cover up imperfections. she liked to keep her skin clean and healthy and this lead to no makeup for her. the only times she had done makeup was when she had gone to interviews or parties in france.

as soon as she was done cleaning up, the door to her room opened and in came a young woman in a maid's outfit. she was none other than jasmine, sofia's friend in the house.

"sorry. sorry. the people in the kitchen were too slow cleaning up after breakfast and were to slow deciding what to make for lunch." jasmine was a bubbly personality, she could talk for ages if people let her. sofia on the other hand was quite. they were a match made in heaven.

"now then let's get you ready for the sun and vincent."


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