Twisted Love
31 The light at the end of the Tunnel 3
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Twisted Love
Author :Sadda
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31 The light at the end of the Tunnel 3

sofia was taking a bath in the washroom while jasmine was still in the bedroom preparing clothes for her time in the backyard. coming out the bathroom, sofia was wrapped in a white fluffy towel like a present with her hair dripping wet.

small drops of water could be seen slowly traveling down her neck to her collar bone then down her chest and finally entering the towel into the creak sensually.

jasmine even while being straight was put into a trance when sofia existed into the room. she knew that sofia was beautiful inside and out when she got close to her, but at this moment she finally realized why her boss was so crazy about her. why right before sofia started 'working', mr. king warned all the workers to treat her as the future mistress of the mansion but not out right so she did not get scared away.

being the youngest of the workers, jasmine was chosen to be sofia's personal maid/ assistant. and her job was to take care of her daily needs indiscretion. and today was the most important day for her, she had the duty to dress sofia in swimwear for her time outside.

noticing jasmine in a daze while staring at her, sofia called out to her. "jasmine.... jasmine.... jasmine!"

she finally heard her, "what are you doing in my room? did you need something?" sofia was confused. she remembered telling jasmine that she was going to take a bath. but why was she still in the room?

"well i am here to help you pick out clothes and then we go outside." answered jasmine in an innocent tone.

looking at the pieces of clothing on the bed, sofia's face developed a slight frown as she got even more confused. it looked like a very revealing bikini from where she could see. "oookkyyyy? so where are the clothes?"

with a mischievous look, sofia's eyes were directed towards the bed where the bikini lay. it was a two piece baby pink triangle bikini. she knew full well that sofia had no bikinis in her wardrobe, as she was the one who organized her closet the first night. so jasmine being jasmine, went and got it from a hidden stack of clothing vincent had bought for sofia.

"you want me to wear underwear only outside?"

"noooo. i want you to wear a bikini. we are going to the pool area to relax so it is better to dress for the occasion." jasmine replied.


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