Twisted Love
32 The light at the end of the Tunnel 4
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Twisted Love
Author :Sadda
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32 The light at the end of the Tunnel 4

"So you expect me to follow the saying 'When in Rome, do as the Romans do'?"

Looking at the Swimwear, Sofia had a bad feeling, like something was going to happen. Under Jasmine's persuasion, she was convinced to wear it. But not feeling to comfortable in the bikini alone, Sofia decided to wear a long white sheer wrap over it to cover up alittle.

Looking at Sofia in the mirror, Jasmine saw an angel. She was wearing the wrap in hopes of covering more skin, but it only lead to her looking sexier. The baby pink triangle bikini top was holding her chest snugly creating the a bounce with every step.

The look overall was one Jasmine could be proud as she had dried and styled Sofia's hair in loose curls. She had completed her duty and it was now time for her work to be seen and appreciated her boss.

Sofia's plan for relaxation was to read a book while laying in the sun. This plan did not include going in the water at all. Following her 'to do list', her first destination was the multi level library on the ground floor where she collected a fantasy novel. The second stop was the kitchen from where she got a large cup of mango juice, and she was ready for the sun.

Exiting the House Sofia found herself on a balcony looking over a lush green garden filled with different types and colors of flowers. As she slowly got down the stairs her view was blocked by a majestic marble water fountain. Going around the fountain, the garden came into view, she walked through it to the area where the pool was located.

Even before she entered the area, she could hear laughter. A high pitched voice which she recognized as Johnathan and the second one was a deep throat laughter that she had not heard of before. As she got closer to the voices, the person in question came into view.

Johnathan was in the pool with floaties on both arms enjoying himself playing tag. He was the 'It' and trying to swim towards his father. Vincent on the other hand was slowly walking backwards away from him. These actions lead to laughter when Johnathan got close to Vincent and got tickled instead of passing on the turn.

She put down her cup of juice and book by one of the pool chairs. She looked at the pool again to take in the amazing scene.

Getting lost in the moment, Sofia did not notice her position right in front of the pool. She was looking at the father son duo playing together harmoniously. She was lost in her thoughts.

Out of nowhere, she felt a tug and her world spun, her view changed to come face to face with the water.


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