Twisted Love
34 The light at the end of the Tunnel 6
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Twisted Love
Author :Sadda
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34 The light at the end of the Tunnel 6

it was his first time taking a weekday off from work. even when he had been sick, he still went to work as there were many people working for him who depended on him. today he took off only to spend time with his son, as he did not want his son to feel unwanted by his lack of attention during the past couple of busy days.

breakfast had been fun, he got to see his son eating food by himself. and the schedule for the day had also been decided by his son with great delight. the first thing on the list was swimming, it had been getting too hot outside these past couple of summer days and it was much safer to swim in the morning rather then in the evening.

vincent had gotten johnathan and himself in their swimwear, he had worn black water proof shorts with his chest bear, and johnathan adorned a cute dark blue swimming shorts and matching floaties on both arms.

he had been teaching his son how to swim for the past year now, and he was now able to take him in the deep end without the fear of him drowning.

vincent carried johnathan's tiny figure in his arms towards the back yard. he wanted johnathan to have fun swimming not waste all his energy on the way to the pool. on the way out, he saw jessica making her way towards the staircase on the way to sofia's room. stopping her on the stairs he called out, "jessica."

startled by his presence, her heart skipped a beat. she turned around to face him and responded nervously in a squeaky voice,

"yes master?"

"do you know what sofia plans to do for the whole day today?"

vincent did not usually talk to the regular staff, his way of communication was by letting the head of staff deliver his commands. she had gotten scared when he called out her name. the only time he had called out a worker's name was when the person in question had stolen an expensive item from the house. so when he called her name, she almost had a heart attack thinking 'had she done something wrong?'

having heard his question, she finally calmed down realizing that the master would talk more to her directly. she was the madam's personal maid after all. she was no longer a regular worker, she had a post almost equal to the head butler now.

"madam plans to spend her time out side reading in the sun."

"hmm" taking a break to think, "get her to change into swimwear and come to the poolside." with the flick of his wrist he gave her a 'go away' gesture.

with jasmine leaving for sofia's room, vincent made his way out to the backyard with johnathan in his arms.


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