Twisted Love
38 The Light at the end of the Tunnel 10
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Twisted Love
Author :Sadda
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38 The Light at the end of the Tunnel 10

opening her eyes, sofia had the shock of her life. before registering anything from the surroundings, she was attacted by two tiny arms and a body.

johnathan had thrown himself on top of sofia the moment her eyes started to open. the relief he felt when she woke up could not be imagined, it was like the sun had come out again.

this sense of relief lead to him relaxing for the first time in the 5 hours she was unconscious. his sense of relief opened up the waterworks. he had started crying all his worries in the safety of sofia's arms.

the only voice that could be heard in the newly awakened room belonged to johnathan apologizing constantly. "sorry... sorry... sorry... dont leave me.... sorry..."

sofia had no idea what was happening. why was johnathan crying? why was she in her room when the last thing she remembered was watching vincent and johnathan swimming in the pool?

before she could ask her questions, she needed to calm johnathan down first. at the rate he was crying she worried he would become dehydrated and that is not a good situation for a 2 year old.

rapping her arms around him and moving his whole body on her lap, sofia softly and gently rubbed his back in circular motion while making 'shhh'ing sounds. and when this motion was not enough she began to reassure him in a calming voice, "its ok. it's ok baby. i'm not going anywhere. i'm right here with you. see?" moving his face upwards so they could see eye to eye, "i'm right here. i'm right here with you." just to drive to point home, sofia hugged johnathan to her bosom lovingly.

just as johnathan stopped crying, sofia was able to take a look around the room. she had the shock of her life, vincent was at the foot of the bed in his swimming shorts and his upper body void of any clothing.

not letting the view distract her, she got her attention back on the now hiccuping johnathan. wanting to know why her sweet boy was crying, "my baby. why were you crying? can you tell auntie sofia?"

johnathan slowly looked up at sofia with guilt. "auntie sofia die i pull."

not understanding what johnathan was saying, she could only ask the person who might know about the situation at hand, vincent. looking at his face and not anywhere else, sofia asked in confusion "what happened?.... why is johnathan crying so much?"

with this incident, both father and son duo had realized that sofia was their 'light at the end of the tunnel'.


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