Twisted Love
39 Heart to Heart 1
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Twisted Love
Author :Sadda
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39 Heart to Heart 1

Looking from the father to the son, Sofia only grew more confused. Johnathan was holding on to her for dear life and Vincent was standing like a statue staring at her.

She had no idea what was happening. One had been crying and the other became a statue. None of whom would answer her questions.

Looking around the room once again, she noticed two more people standing in one of the corners. They were Jasmine her only friend in the house and Dr. Chris who she had meet at the hospital last week. Looking at Jasmine she called out in a

"Jasmine, could you come here?"

Jasmine was looking at Sofia with a concerned expression, not understanding whether anything was wrong. She had just woken up, was she not feeling well? Glancing at Dr. Chris next to her, in question, she slowly made her way to the Madame. Getting even more confused, Sofia had discovered a lot of questions that she needed answered.

As Jasmine got closer, Sofia had come up with most of the questions she wanted clarified. The minute she was standing in front of her, Sofia had started her rapid fire round. Her questions had no sign of stopping.

With Vincent and Johnathan still in the same position, Sofia had only moved her head in order to ask her questions with high hopes.

"What is happening? Why is everyone and me myself in my room right now?"

Not understanding the context of the questions, Jasmine only gave her the main points of the story; how she fainted after her fall into the pool, how Vincent had called the doctor to give her a checkup, as well as how Johnathan was holding on to her the whole time she was unconscious. Leaving out the part where Vincent had his moment, that would have raised many questions that should not be answered just jet.

The fainting and Johnathan holding on to her part of the story was news to her but the part where Dr. Chris was called over was not. That part of the story was common sense as it had happened when she had last fainted as well. Who could tell her that the Doctor part of the story is where she should have been shocked at, Dr. Chris was The King's personal physician and would never be called over for a normal worker as she so believes she is one at the mansion.

Asking again but this time in more detail, "Why is everyone still in the room when the Doctor has already said there was nothing wrong with me? And has Johnathan been crying the whole time?"


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