Twisted Love
40 Heart to Heart 2
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Twisted Love
Author :Sadda
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40 Heart to Heart 2

The minute Sofia's question was asked, the room developed a tense atmosphere. 'How am I going to answer these questions? In any manner I answer, it could be taken in the wrong context'. Sofia had excepted her as a friend and she did not want to betray her, but Vincent King was her boss at the end of the day. Looking from Sofia her Lady Boss to Vincent her Big Boss, she was not sure who she should answer in support of.

But the minute her eyes met with Vincent's, she felt a chill travel down her spine. The tiny voice in her head started to get louder, reminding her of who she needs and should be loyal to and never betray.

Thinking for the best way to not betray anyone, she decided to twist the facts. Facing Sofia, Jasmine had become determined to not do anything that would be seen as betrayal in Vincent's eyes, so began her trial and error choices.

"You have been unconscious for the past 5 hours. We were expecting you to wake up 3 hours ago, so when you didn't we were not sure when you would actually wake up, and in order to make sure you were ok, Mr. King asked Dr. Chris and I to stay with you at all times." Looking at the now sleeping Johnathan, "Johnathan on the other hand would not let go of you no matter how many times Mr. King asked him to leave the room, so he had to stay as well."

Having learnt everyone's reason for being in her room, Sofia breathed a sigh of relief and gave all her attention to the tiny person in her lap.

Dr. Chris had been under the most pressure during these past 5 hours. He had no idea why she was unconscious for the last 3 hours and he could feel and see Vincent's death glare on himself for the duration of those 180 long minutes. For the poor Chris, Sofia gaining consciousness had the same rush as winning a lottery.

As everyone in the room got comfortable, Vincent finally opened his mouth. "Chris, how is Sofia now?... Is everything ok? Or does need

time off to get better for the next few day's?"

Hearing the worry in his voice, Sofia answered before Chris could. "There is nothing wrong with me. I dont need time off, I will rest for today and be fit as a horse tomorrow."

Not listening to Sofia, Vincent turned his head towards Chris, waiting for him to answer.


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