Twisted Love
41 Heart to Heart 3
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Twisted Love
Author :Sadda
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41 Heart to Heart 3

Noticing Vincent's lack of confidence in her words, Sofia sighed under her breath and made the 'go ahead' gesture with her hand to Dr. Chris. She knew that he would only believe in Dr. Chris's professional diagnosis and not her self diagnosis. In one way it was sweet that he cared, but at the same time it was frustrating that he did not believe her.

Seeing Sofia acceptance to Vincent's inquiry, Dr. Chris moved to her bedside with his equipment and started with the basic checkup procedure. It consisted of checking her heartbeat, temperature and pupil's response to light. With all the test coming out positive, she was as fit as she can be. Looking at Vincent, Dr. Chris concluded the test's results. "Miss. McAne is completely fine. All she needs to do is eat her food and rest for the day and she can resume with her work from tomorrow onwards."

Having heard the results, Vincent's subconscious finally accepted that Sofia was completely out of the danger zone. Now that she was fine, all he needed to do was make sure she gets food in her stomach and rest after that so that she gets completely better.

"Jasmine," Vincent had already planned everything in his mind, now it was only time to execute. "Go get Sofia's lunch and bring it to her room. Make sure that it is something soft and not too hard to digest."

Just as jasmine was about to cross the threshold, a tiny voice called out to her. "Jasmine, dont get food only for me. Get it for Mr. King and Johnathan as well. They should also be hungry. And don't bring it to my room we will all eat in the dining room, I don't have space to sit and eat in my room."

Looking at Vincent for his approval Jasmine did not leave the room after Sofia's order. She needed to make sure Master's orders do not get rejected and he had ordered her to bring the food to Sofia's room. Getting the go ahead from the big boss, Jasmine was on her way.

The room had emptied out after Jasmine and Chris had left. The only people left were; Vincent standing at the foot of the bed, Johnathan who was sleeping in Sofia's arms and last but not the least Sofia herself.

Turning her attention from Johnathan to his father Vincent, Sofia was becoming increasingly nervous. She wanted to ask some questions but could not gather the courage needed. Not being able to stair for too long, she moved her eyes to the beige bed covers covering her lower body.


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