Twisted Love
44 Heart to Heart 6
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Twisted Love
Author :Sadda
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44 Heart to Heart 6

The table had been set and ready for eating, but there was only one person present. The normally 3 person seating arrangement was only occupied by one and empty for the others. Vincent had been at the table ready and waiting for their arrival.

Every quarter of a minute, Vincent would look at his Ulysses Nardin Classico watch, and then towards the dinning room entrance to see if they were coming or not. The plan was to come to lunch within 30 minutes maximum, but Sofia and Johnathan were nowhere to be seen even after the arranged period of time.

Sofia and Johnathan had only needed a few minutes to get ready for lunch, but they were still late by 15 minutes. All of their time was spent goofing around.

The minute Sofia saw the time, she took Johnathan in her arms and ran down the stairs and into the dining room thinking, 'S**t! S**t! We are late. We are so dead.'

Their future's did not look to good, Vincent was about to personally go and call them for lunch. He had waited patiently for 15 minutes but no more. Sofia could see that his patience had run out, as the minute she stepped foot into the room, Vincent was already out of his seat and halfway across the room nearing the entrance.

Looking from Sofia dressed in a white long summer dress with her baby pink bikini straps showing, to Johnathan in a black t-shirt over his swimming shorts. Vincent had discovered the discontinuity in their outfits.

He had given them 30 minutes to change into completely new clothes and they had taken an extra 15 minutes on top of it, but still they were not wearing new outfits, they were just wearing things over it. And that would not have taken them too long wear. Which meant that they had made him wait longer for no particular reason. If they had taken a shower and then changed in new clothes then he could still get over it as they were two people and it would take some time.

Not wanting to say anything to spoil the mood, Vincent only turned around and walked back to his seat at the head of the table silently. Even his silence spoke volumes.

Feeling the tension in the air, Sofia and Johnathan took their seats in silence. Not speaking a single word during the whole time they were eating lunch. The servers were serving the food and then going back to their spots at the corners of the room.

She wanted to apologize for being late many times but nothing came out of her mouth. She had turned 'ON' her mute button subconsciously. Even if she had spoken, Sofia was not sure if he even wanted to listen to her.


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