Twisted Love
45 Heart to Heart 7
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Twisted Love
Author :Sadda
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45 Heart to Heart 7

lunch was spent in silence except for the occasional 'click' of spoons and forks. sofia was not able to gather her courage and vincent was not in the mood. johnathan was the only one who was quite because of his hunger, filling his face with food did not give him time to speak at all.

right after finishing lunch vincent stood up, "i'll be in my office. johnathan will come with me, so you can go and get some rest in your room." he said while looking at sofia.

"it's ok, i'll take care of johnathan. i'm not that tired. we will sit and play games anyway. so you can go and compete any work you have." sofia did not want to stay in her room alone and having johnathan with her would let the time pass faster.

not listening to her at all, vincent let johnathan down from his seat, took his hand and left the room.

with everyone having left the dinning room, sofia was the one one left. 'mr. king is angry with me. what should i do? should i go apologize to him?' sofia was having a one sided conversation with herself.

deciding to talk to him when he would cool down in a few hours, sofia got up and walked out of the house and into the backyard. she was walking towards the pool area slowly, lost in her thoughts.

the closer to the pool she got, the more confused she became. 'why was mr. king mad at her? what did she do?'

arriving at the poolside, she looked around the olympic sized pool and then towards the pool chairs. locating her glass of juice and the book she had borrowed from the library, she took slow and steady steps towards it. sitting down on the chair, she picked up the book and held it in her lap.

still holding the book, she turned her head to the right and looked towards vincents study window on the third floor. she could not see anything from her angle, the lights were off and the window was one way, people could see out but not in.

she opened the book in her hands and began reading. having finished the first chapter, she unconsciously looked towards vincent's study's window. looking back to the book, she began reading the second chapter but this did not last for too long. she had been reading the same page over and over again while taking quick peaks towards the third floor.

not being able to take any more of this, sofia closed the book and walked into the house. looking at the grandfather clock in the living room, she noticed the time. sofia had been outside at the poolside for two hours. this meant that she had been reading the same page for over an hour.


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