Twisted Love
46 Heart to Heart 8
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Twisted Love
Author :Sadda
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46 Heart to Heart 8

the father and son duo had left the dinning room and made their way to vincent's study on the third floor. vincent had to read a few documents and did not want sofia to tire herself with johnathan right after waking up from the drowning accident.

vincent had been mad at sofia for coming late to lunch, but that anger was nothing more than jealousy. he was happy that sofia and johnathan were developing a bond, but vincent did not want it to happen at the cost of losing time with sofia himself.

eventhough vincent had taken johnathan to his home office, johnathan had fallen asleep with the first 15 minutes of entering. the rest of the time vincent had quickly finished his work, ready to go and spend time his love.

getting up and walking towards the window looking over the back yard, vincent saw sofia sitting at the poolside reading a book. the minute he was about to turn away, he noticed the person in question, sofia, looking at his study window in longing and confusion.

his lips slowly tilted upwards creating a devilishly dazzling smile, and his eyes had a predatory glint. sofia was beginning to develop a dependency on johnathan and vincent. 'having her around in the house 24/7 was a good idea. she needed to listen to my orders and follow through with it in order not to upset me. and that subconsciously created an order of not upsetting me in general.' vincent thought to himself.

"it is now time to start with the next step of the plan."

vincent observed sofia for the next half an hour. sofia was continuously looking at his study's window and back at her book, with the time interval between looking at her book and his window decreasing, his smile broadened.

vincent walked to his desk, pressed a light blue button on the homophone. out came a voice with in seconds, "yes master. what can i do for you?"

"come take johnathan to his room."

with his order given, vincent went back to the window to look at sofia. within 5 minutes, there was a knock at the door.

"come in." never looking away from the girl at the poolside, vincent told the person at the door to enter.

joseph the head butler had come transport the young master to his room to sleep. he picked up the sleeping baby, and made his exit. joseph had left as quickly as he had entered, fast as lightning.

the minute johnathan was taken away from the study, vincent saw sofia making her way to the house while occasionally looking up at where he was standing. sofia had no idea that her peaking was not so subtle and had been discovered by the big boss.

with the way sofia was looking towards his window, vincent had discovered that she was going to come visit him within the next few minutes. and that was why he had called joseph to take johnathan out. he could pose as a distraction for sofia.

with johnathan no longer in the room, vincent was ready to have a grown up discussion with sofia. and no distractions to interfere.


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