Twisted Love
47 Heart to Heart 9
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Twisted Love
Author :Sadda
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47 Heart to Heart 9

Sofia made her way through the silent house towards the main staircase. On the way she made two detours, first to the kitchen to drop off her cup of juice and then to the library for the book in her hand. She had been trying to read it but was not able to so she decided to keep it back in its place and she could borrow it some other time when she was in the mood.

Every step on the stairs, Sofia grew nervous. At one point in time she almost decided to not go and talk to Mr. King, but then she would remember his silence during lunch and that was not something she wanted a repeat of. It was the most nerve breaking lunch she had participated in.

In no time at all she was standing in front of a dark brown wooden door that separated her from Mr. King. 'On the other side of this door is Mr. King. I just need to knock on the door, enter, and apologize for being late. That is all. You can do it.' Sofia was trying to convince herself.

Not knowing how, her hand moved on its own and knocked on the door.

"Knock knock."

"Come in." Vincent voice came from inside.

Opening the door slowly, Sofia entered the room step by nerve wrecking step. Walking right up to his desk, Sofia saw Vincent behind the desk reading from a folder. Not wanting to disturb him, she quietly stood in her spot and looked to the floor while she waited.

Noticing Sofia's silence, Vincent looked up in question. "Did you need anything Miss. McAne?"

Getting startled by the sudden question, Sofia jerked before she looked up at the place the voice came from. It took her a while to register what had been said, and when it did she finally spoke.

"I wanted to apologize for being late to Lunch today and wanted to inform you that it would not happen again." Having said what she wanted, Sofia quickly bolted to the door.

"Sofia!" Right as she was about to turn the doorknob, Vincent called out to her. The call left her emobalized. It was an unconscious reaction from her side, just by calling her name Vincent was able to stop her in her tracks.

"Come back here."

Not having a choice, Sofia turned around and walked back to Vincent's direction at a snail's pace. Standing in front of Vincent after her bolting incident just seconds ago, Sofia felt like she was standing in the principal's office.

"Now then, Tell me what this was all about?" looking straight at her Vincent asked in a dark tone. Sofia looked at him for a second before looking at the floor again, not answering him.

"Am that bad of a person that you won't even wait for me to answer you for your apology? Do you think I would scream and shout at you?" He looked at her, waiting for her to deny those allegations. But see as she refused to say anything, he could only let go of the topic.

Sighing out loud, Vincent spoke again. "Take a seat Miss. McAne. We need to talk about a few things." Sofia quietly sat on a leather seat in front of the table. "You have been working for a week now. It is time to choose."


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