Twisted Love
48 Heart to Heart 10
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Twisted Love
Author :Sadda
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48 Heart to Heart 10

"choose? choose what?" sofia finally looked at vincent, but in confusion. what did she need to choose from. the more confused she became the more her head tilted to the left. at one point her head was almost parallel to her shoulder.

at this serious moment, vincent was looking at sofia in amusement. she was proving to be amusing with her unconscious body movements. the tilting of the head when trying to understand something and her doe like eyes widening when in confusion.

having looked at her long enough to not be considered 'inappropriate', vincent continued. " you have started working, but you have not signed a work contract and neither have we talked about your salary."

hearing him talk sofia was growing more confused. had she not done this all before? no she did not. how could she forget such an important thing? she had accepted this job so she could earn money and at the same time stay near her baby brother. so how could she forget to ask about her salary?

"now that you have completed a week of work, i want to ask you if you want to sign the contract and continue doing this job. or you could walk away and we can forget this happened at all."

this was a hard decision, which sofia took very easily. "i'll sign the contract." looking at vincent in the eyes, she continued not wanting him to think her decision was taken half-heartedly. "i want to continue taking care of johnathan."

silently vincent took out a black file from the top drawer of his desk and slid it towards sofia across the table surface. "this is the contract. it has all the information so read it carefully and then sign it."

sofia opened the folder and on the first page, in bold letters was written, 'contract of employment'. knowing that it was the correct documents, she read ahead.

'contract of employment'

vincent king

name: sofia mcane

address: ************

date: 30th april 2018

the basic terms and conditions of your employment are as set out in this contract of employment. the employer's policies, procedures and rules as as may be introduced and/or amended from time to time. there a no collective agreements affecting your terms and conditions of employment.

duration of contact:

your employment with the employer under this contract commenced on 30th april 2018 and shall continue, subject to the terms and conditions of your employer for your employment termination.

job title and flexibility:

2.1 you are employed as a caretaker for johnathan king reporting to vincent king only.

2.2 you are expected to to perform all duties which may be required of you in this role. you must comply with all directions given to you and observe all the policies, procedures and rules of the employer as may be introduced and/or amended from time to time.

2.3 the employer may, at its discretion, require you to perform additional or other duties, whether skilled or unskilled, not within the scope of your normal duties and may at its discretion amend your job description at any time.

housing and transportation:

3.1 the employee will live in the mansion where the employer determines where exactly they would be staying, and it may be changed at the employer's discretion.

3.2 the employee will be taken to and from in a car, provided by the employer, with a driver.


the employee will be paid an annual salary of $100,128 which will translate as $298 per day, 7 days a week, 4 weeks a month, and 12 months a year.

healthcare insurance:

the employer will be taking care of all healthcare expenses for the employee, whether medical or cosmetic with no upper limit.

confidentiality clause:

all happens after the signing of the contract shall stay between the parties (employee - employer) involved. no third person should be involved under any circumstances.

having read the contract once, sofia could not believe her eyes. looking from the paper in her hands to vincent sitting across her, her eyes grew bigger in size. moving her eyes from the paper to vincent a couple of times in disbelief, she slowly voiced out her concerns.


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