Twisted Love
50 Heart to Heart 12
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Twisted Love
Author :Sadda
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50 Heart to Heart 12

Sofia slowly took a pen from the tabletop and signed the document. She had officially started working at the King's mansion.

Watching Sofia sign the contract, Vincent broke into a smile. His plan was coming to fruition. Waiting till she got comfortable with him, Vincent did not make her sign any documents. This choice of his was what lead to Sofia signing the documents without looking to deeply into it.

One would be cautious when dealing with someone new, but if the person in question is someone you know and are used to, then as they say 'caution to the wind'. And that is what was happening with Sofia and Vincent right at that moment. Sofia had gotten used to Vincent taking decisions that were for the good, and that had been carried out into her mentally during the signing of the contract.

Having signed two copies of the contract, one for herself and the other for Vincent, Sofia slid both of them to Vincent.

"I will have these contacts stamped and then give one of them to you and keep the other for myself. This way we both have a copy with ourselves just in case." Vincent spoke while taking the folder from Sofia and keeping it in one of the table drawers. "Now that the serious topic is out of the way, let's talk about other things."

"Other things?" Sofia questioned.

"I wanted to know how your work has been going so far? Has Johnathan been a good boy or not?" Leaning forward, Vincent placed his elbows on the table and his chin on top of his interlocking fingers.

The changes in Vincent's sitting position were not missed by Sofia, his every action was full of poise and elegance. And these words were not something that could take away his manliness. One could see he was raised in a rich family just by the way he walked and sat down, not even going to the tiny details of how he handled his tableware while eating. His every action was detailedly planned but one was able to see that it was not fake.

Coming out of her daze, Sofia answered his questions. "Taking care of Johnathan does not feel like work at all, he is a very good boy and listens to me and follows instructions very well. I have been playing games with him that is teaching him numbers, alphabets and much more." Seeing Vincent with a straight face Sofia quickly added, "Johnathan is very bright. He learns everything in the first try, which still amazes me. You are a very lucky person to have such a smart child."

Looking at the table in embarrassment, she continued in a quiet voice, "I sometimes feel jealous of you, and wish to have children like Johnathan myself."

Hearing the last part of Sofia's answer, a predatory look flashed in Vincent's eyes before he broke into a smile. Getting up from his chair he made his way to Sofia before standing behind her, he spoke, "You will have kids. Very smart kids in the future" Vincent slowly caressed her shoulders, but in his mind he added 'Dream as much as you want, it will all be fulfilled but with me and no one else. That I can promise you.'


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