Twisted Love
53 The Reques
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Twisted Love
Author :Sadda
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53 The Reques

having made up her mind, she looked at vincent at the head of the table. everytime she wanted to say something, her voice would stop working. this happened one too many times that vincent himself noticed her strange behavior.

"sofia? is there something you want to say to me?"

looking from her plate to vincent, sofia nervously asked, "i wanted to ask if i could speak with you alone after lunch?"

with sofia's nervous manner of behavior, vincent nodded his head 'yes' and went back to eating his food.

vincent knew her body language all too well, sofia would not be able to say what she wanted in front of all the workers. it was most probably a request and as she believed that she was a normal worker, sofia would not want everyone talking about her behind her back.

lunch ended very quickly for everyone but sofia. all she could think about after vincent's phone call, was how she would convince him on taking her and johnathan along with himself on this business trip. it was for a week anyways and with johnathan being attached to both of them, vincent leaving them alone for that long of a time would not be ideal. johnathan needed his father at night reading bedtime stories to him, and this habit would not be able to be changed till this trip next week.

vincent left the dinning room but not before informing sofia of his location, "i'll be in my office. come there when johnathan is taking his afternoon nap."


there was a knock on vincent's third floor office door.

"come in."

not even looking at who had entered the room, vincent continued, "take a seat and i'll be able to speak with you after i finish with this file."

sofia had come to vincent after johnathan had fallen asleep in his room after lunch. this whole process took half an hour as johnathan had to be changed into his sleepwear before going to bed.

now that she was this close to asking vincent what she wanted, he had stopped her. this was both good and bad as she was still not sure how to word it. with this extra time, she slowly chose her words carefully.

having finished reading and signing the document in his hand, vincent was ready to listen to sofia. he had a feeling sofia wanted to go to france as well, as this sudden desire of talking with him alone had suddenly come after his phone call with his assistant at lunch.

"so.... what did you want to speak to me about miss mcane?"

jerking in her seat, sofia looked at vincent in surprise. his question had come out of nowhere for sofia. she had been busy picking her words and did not notice when he had finished with his work.


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