Twisted Love
55 Trip Prep 1
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Twisted Love
Author :Sadda
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55 Trip Prep 1

"think about him all you want right now, cause after this trip it will be me. only be me."

taking his phone out of his pocket, vincent dialed a number manually.

"i want all the data you have on him before friday." vincent ended the call after that one sentence and continued looking out the window lost in his thoughts.


opening the door to her room quietly, sofia entered with a spring to her walk.

she was so happy that she could not believe vincent allowed her to accompany him on his trip to france for her own personal reasons. from the time she had started working for him, vincent had been a gentleman.

she was not able to scream and shout her happiness out loud, johnathan was sleeping in her bed. looking at the sleeping baby sofia became worried.

johnathan was becoming too attached to her. one thing she noticed these past few days was that he was not that playful during his bath time anymore. he used to love playing in the water, it was like a mini swimming pool for him. now, during bath time he does not say no but wants it to end as quickly as possible.

going towards the bed, sofia sat on the edge closer to where johnathan was sleeping and looked at him in wonder. 'how could he be changing so fast and not in a good way?'

just as she was getting lost in her thoughts, johnathan woke up startled, looking from side to side in a panic. the moment he saw her sitting next to him, johnathan leaped into bosom holding on tightly.

the longer he held on the more sofia felt her shirt getting wetter. wrapping her arms around him gently, she swayed her body softly to comfort him.

"what is wrong baby?" sofia asked softly.

"d.... d... don't.... leave me." johnathan began wailing.

"shhh... shhh.... don't cry baby. i'm right here." moving johnathan's head into her view, "see? i'm right here. i'm not going anywhere. not anywhere."

looking at her with watery eyes, johnathan asked "promise?"

sofia looked into his eyes and smiled a gentle smile.


the slow swaying motion led johnathan back to sleep. kissing his head lightly, sofia transferred johnathan back on the bed and covered him with the blanket.

she sat right next to johnathan on top of the blanket and lightly massaged his head lovingly.


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