Twisted Love
56 Trip Prep 2
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Twisted Love
Author :Sadda
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56 Trip Prep 2

The week leading up to the trip to Paris would be hectic for the adults. Vincent had a lot work piled up in order to get the two weeks off for Johnathan's birthday. And Sofia was busy taking care of Johnathan as well as making outfits of her own design.

She had originally planned on making a formal suit for Ben, her fiancee, as his birthday gift. But as soon as Johnathan saw her working on it during her free time, he also wanted one as a gift for his birthday.

Making a suit in it's self was hard but to make it for a small child was even harder as they grew in size quickly. If she made one now according to his current sizes, it could be too tight on his special day. So in order to satisfy him, Sofia was making two outfits for Johnathan. One for his trip to France and the other for his gift.

Ben's gift was almost completed as she already had his measurements noted down, but she wanted to give him something special as well. Now that their wedding has to be postponed for a while, she wanted to take their relationship one step further. She had originally planned on saving herself for their wedding night but, the more she thought about it the more she realized that Ben would be her future. Now that she had completely decided to spend her future with Ben, waiting for the wedding had no point.

With this in mind, Sofia decided on her action plan. Thinking of the main points, she could not connect them together to make a romantic setting. No matter how much she thought about it, nothing came to mind. Just as she was losing patience, a knock sounded on her bedroom door. Welcoming the distraction, Sofia, who was sitting in the middle of the bed, turned her head to the door calling out "Come in."

The door opened and in came Jasmine. Just who Sofia need right now.

Before Jasmine could say why she came, Sofia began talking, "Jasmine. Jasmine. Just the person I needed right now. I need your help. It is going to be Ben's birthday on Sunday, and I wanted to plan a night where we can take a step further in our relationship. I have thought of ideas, but I can't make it romantic. Help me."

Jasmine had gotten the shock of her life. Sofia, the future Mistress of the King mansion, was planning to lose her V-card to someone other than Mr. King. If Mr. King found out, Jasmine would lose her head.

Not being able to say anything to help Sofia currently, Jasmine gave her a light forced smile before saying, "Mr. King sent me to inform you it is time for lunch."

The minute Jasmine finished talking, she quickly made her way to the door. Right as she was about to open the door, Sofia's voice sounded, "You will help me after Lunch, right?"

Wanting to leave the room immediately, Jasmine sounded a quick "Yes" and withdrew from the room.

The only thought in her mind was, 'I need to inform Mr. King. He need to know as quickly as possible.'


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