Twisted Love
57 Trip Prep 3
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Twisted Love
Author :Sadda
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57 Trip Prep 3

the only thought on her mind was, 'i need to inform mr. king immediately. he needs to know. i need to tell him as quickly as possible.'

jasmine traveled the three floor distance between sofia's room and the dinning hall within a minute. she literally flew down the stairs towards the master who was sitting at the dinning table reading documents from a black tablet in his hand.

not caring for her image and the rules of the house, jasmine ran towards vincent, into the room, in panic mode. only stopping right next to his seat at the head of the table. bending down to his ear level, she talked in a low tone to not disturb johnathan who was also present at the table.

"master! mistress wants to take her relationship with ben to the next level as a gift for his birthday this sunday. she asked me to help her plan that night with her." with vincent moving his face towards jasmine, she had no choice but to move back a couple of steps. even this movement from her boss could not distract her from her internal panic which showed on her pale face.

"what should i do?" looking at vincent in the face, jasmine asked in distress.

jasmine was even further distressed when vincent facial expression did not change. it was like she had only informed him about the weather and not sofia planning to have sex with another man.

after a pregnant pause, vincent opened his mouth "help her to the best of your abilities. help her prepare everything as if it will be her wedding night."

hearing what vincent had told her, she could not process it completely. not being able to stop herself, "but, master..."

vincent interrupted her mid sentence with a sharp look. "do as your told. nothing more and nothing less."

having been reprimanded in a stern voice, jasmine realized her mistake. she had tried to argue with mr. king. a person who she needed to listen to at all times with no ifs or buts. moving a few more steps further back, she bowed at a 90° angle and said, "i'm sorry."

just as jasmine stood up right again, sofia entered the room in light blue denim jeans, a plain white shirt, blue heels and her golden locks in a high ponytail. in order to look presentable for lunch, sofia had worn the heels and tied her hair in a ponytail. otherwise it would have been too casual, and that is not something mr. king liked. he wanted everyone to dress properly for meal times.

with everyone at the table, lunch began smoothly and ended as smoothly too. vincent did not say anything to jasmine about the topic they were discussing before sofia's arrival, but without anyone's attention, vincent had a smile the whole time during lunch.

a smile that could be interpreted many ways, but the eyes were the distinctive factor. he had a predatory glint in them that could not be interpreted any other way.


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