Twisted Love
58 Trip Prep 4
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Twisted Love
Author :Sadda
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58 Trip Prep 4

A smile that could be interpreted many ways, but the eyes were the distinctive factor. He had a predatory glint in them that could not be interpreted any other way.


The sun was setting on the horizon and to enjoy the beautiful view, Sofia had taken a break from her gift making and taken Johnathan with her to the backyard. During this nice bonding time, Vincent was in his office on the third floor keeping a watch from afar.

Still looking at the beautiful view in the backyard, Vincent took his phone and dialed a number manually. The person on the other side picked up the call right on the first ring.

Not wanting to hold the phone to his ear, Vincent kept it on speaker.

"Yes Master!" Sounded a young Male voice.

"Did you collect everything that I wanted?" Vincent was talking in a monotone. Nothing giving away his thought process.

"Yes Master, I have all the information you asked for. Should I send it to you by email?" The longer the conversation dragged on, the politer the mystery persons tone became.

"Good..... I will be going there on the 15th of this month so get everything ready. On another thought, prepare an extra security group for her. I want her followed everywhere. There should be no possibly of loopholes in her security."

"I will make sure it has a good mixture of males and females in the group, and they will be loyal."

"Good. Cause we would not want a repeat of two years back. Now would we?" The last sentence was spoken in a tone that gave one chills when not directed at them. Imagine how the person on the receiving end would have felt.

With the conversation including everything he wanted just the way he wanted, Vincent ended the call. He continued to watch the scene in the backyard.


The next few days before the France trip, Sofia spent all her free either finishing up Ben's or Johnathan's gift. Her mind was at ease regarding the surprise plan as Jasmine had helped her plan everything out.

There were only a day left before the trip and Sofia needed a few things from the clothing store for herself. In order to get them, Jasmine and Sofia were given time off for shopping.

The plan was to go to the biggest mall in town. It had stores for brands from almost all over the world. Their stop was one store in particular. A store that could help the plan move smoothly.


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