Twisted Love
59 Trip Prep 5
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Twisted Love
Author :Sadda
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59 Trip Prep 5

it was the 14th of the month which meant it was the day of their flight to france. sofia was already and packed for the trip, the same went for johnathan as she had done all the packing herself.

the flight was in the evening as it was a working day and vincent was swarmed with work. the best timing was to fly at night so they could catch some 'zzzzz's' and not waste any time in the process. vincent was a very efficient man. a very capable man with resources.

at exactly 7 pm the car was ready to take them towards the airport. their flight was at 8 pm and they needed to be there before 7:45 in order not to miss it.

sofia had traveled to paris before for her studies so she knew it was going to be a long flight. brunswick, ga had no direct flights to paris so the trip would take them a minimum of 13 hours one way with the addition of layovers. she had already prepared herself for the flight by packing books to read for herself and downloaded cartoons for johnathan in case he gets bored.

the trip to the airport started out fine but when they got close to the compound gates the car took an unexpected turn away. instead of leaving the compound, they went deeper in but at a different location to where she was aware of.

"are we going the right way? to go to the airport we need to leave the compound. no?" sofia asked in bewilderment.

her only answer was, "we are going the right way." from an expressionless vincent.

the deeper they went in, the dense forest opened up until an unexpected item came into view. sofia could not believe her eyes. the only thing she could do was look at vincent sitting next to her from the view outside in question.

the only way to be the most efficient with time, was to be able to control everything himself. this was only possible by having the means of utilizing his own resources. and vincent was a very capable man who knew all the right ways to be the most efficient.

the view that left sofia speechless was none other than the sight of a plane parked on a long runway ready to takeoff. it was not a small plane but a boeing.

the trip from the car to boarding the plane was like a dream to sofia. everything happened so fast. one minute she was sitting in the backseat of the car and the next she was sitting on a foam mattress sofa with johnathan next to her all buckled up.

it was all so movie like. the rich male lead would always travel in a private plane and he would also take the protagonist with him. she felt like she had entered into a movie scene.

the only difference, it was all real.


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