Twisted Love
60 The City of Love 1
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Twisted Love
Author :Sadda
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60 The City of Love 1

The only difference, it was all real. She was really sitting inside a private airplane that looked like a posh living room with the only difference being the seatbelts on the couches. The interiour of the plane was the same as a living room with a dinning room on the side. The living room included, single seated couches with seatbelts on one side and multiperson sofas that had a coffee table infront of it and a giant TV mounted on the wall. The dinning room consisted of an eight seated dinning table and a mini kitchen closed off on the side. This was all Sofia could see during her intial glance of the plane layout, but she knew there was much more to it. The inside was too small for such a large plane.

At exactly 8 p.m. the airplane started it's taxing, and they were in the air within 10 minutes. Johnathan had not said anything and Sofia could see he was falling asleep. Not knowing if her suspisions were correct or not, Sofia carried a sleepy Johnathan to the other couches. The only way they could be comfortable was to move to a bigger sofa so then Johnathan could sleep laying down.

Vincent was sitting at the dinning table with a laptop in front of him and documents in his hand and the table. He had too much going on, and he needed to be on top of everything.

Knowing that the flight would have been long, Sofia had made her own preparations. With Johnathan's sleeping head on her lap, Sofia took a novel from her handbag. The plane was dead quite. The only sound that could be heard was the sound of the plane flying and the turning of paper as Sofia read her book.

At one point of time the room got completely silent with only the quiet sound of the plane itself. Vincent would look towards the woman sitting in front of the TV from time to time but he could only see the back of her head as she was facing the other way. The only way Vincent knew Sofia was awake was the sound of the pages turning and when that sound ended, he knew she had fallen asleep. Looking at the watch on his wrist, he noticed the amount of time that had passed. It was past 10 pm, this meant they had been in the air for two hours now and had 8 more to go.

Taking the position Sofia was sleeping in, Vincent thought of all the possible ways she could be uncomfortable. Not wanting her to be inconvenienced by anything, he called for a Male air-hostess.

"Move him to his room. Be careful not to make him up." Having given his order, Vincent got up from his seat and walked towords the TV area.

Johnathan was already in the male air hostess's hold going to the back of the plane. Vincent slowly walked up to Sofia, who was now all alone with him, and stood in front of her. Gradually Vincent lowered his upper body until he was eye to eye with her. She looked Divine. Having no makeup on made her look younger than she was. She looked like an innocent angel.

Vincent observed her for a while taking every feature in and memorizing it. He could not stop himself.


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