Twisted Love
65 The City of Love 6
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Twisted Love
Author :Sadda
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65 The City of Love 6

looking from the castle to vincent, sofia asked bewildered "will we be really staying here?"

"yes" vincent gave his answer nonchalantly while looking out the window himself.

sofia had heard about the only castle in paris that was home to a very rich business man. but there were rumors that the owner had a relation with the french underworld. while trying to understand the situation sofia unintentionally spoke her thoughts out loud.

"how could we be staying at this castle? they say he has dealings with the underworld. does vincent really own this place?"

"oooo? so knew about this place?" vincent questioned sofia in amusement.

startled, sofia snapped out of her daze, "hah?"

"so you know about this place?" vincent asked again seeing sofia's confusion.

having heard vincent's question this time around, "yes. this is a very famous place for the locals. as it is the only castle where people still live and is not a decoration only for people's viewing."

looking at vincent in hesitation, sofia asked a question that was bothering her, "is it ok if i ask you a weird question?" sofia waited for his confirmation. vincent gave her a nod of the head, then she continued, "i don't want you to take this the wrong way, but i heard that the owner of this castle had dealings with the underworld. is that true?"

laughing at her question, vincent answered her "i don't have 'dealings' with the underworld if that is what you are asking sofia."

no one had the guts to ask vincent something like this to his face as it was a known fact for people in power. but what he said to sofia was also true. he did not have dealings with the underworld, he was the underworld. there was a difference.

after vincent had answered sofia's question, they had reached their destination. the front porch of the castle. it looked even more beautiful up close that from afar.

they entered through the front doors and the first thing sofia saw was a giant glass chandelier hanging over them. the interior of the inside was completely different to what she had seen at the other castles in paris. this one was a lot more modern with a touch of history. it was a very refreshing experience.

she was shown to her room first and then to johnathan's. her room was beige and brown like her room back home, but with the addition of a floor to ceiling glass doors that lead to a balcony overlooking the vast garden.

just as she was getting comfortable, a maid walked in and said, "master wanted to inform you to get ready by 6 as the dinner reservation is for 7. he also said to inform you to dress formally."

just as the maid was leaving, sofia called out to her. "where would i find mr. king?"


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