Twisted Love
67 The City of Love 8
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Twisted Love
Author :Sadda
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67 The City of Love 8

entering her room, sofia saw a beautiful black sleeveless dress with a mesh top laying on her bed. it looked stunning not too formal or too casual but a formal dress with a touch of casual.

having a closer look at the garment, sofia found it very familiar. not dwelling on it for too long, she went on to getting herself ready as she did not have to much time.

quickly taking a bath and drying her hair, sofia was ready to get ready for dinner. she speedily got her hair into a high ponytail and moved on to the makeup. it was nothing too dramatic only a light shade of brown eyeshadow, and black eyeliner on the lids and a white eyeliner below the wing of the eyeliner to contrast with all the dark colors.

finally it was time to put on the dress. upon closer inspection, sofia realized the dress was her own creation. this was a dress she had made a long time ago and should have been in her closet in brunswick, ga. it was a dress she had made randomly during college but did not have the confidence to pull off. for the dress to shine, the person wearing it needed to go braless. and sofia was never too comfortable with the mesh revealing her chest.

not knowing what to do, sofia was in a dilemma. vincent was the one who prepared this outfit for dinner, and in the contract she was notified of how she needed to follow all of vincent's orders. just as she was about to put down the dress and look for something else to wear, a knock sounded on her bedroom door.

"yes. what is it?" sofia called out to the person on the other side of the door.

"are you ready miss. mcane? the transportation is here. master sent me to call you downstairs. everyone is downstairs waiting for you."

"wait a moment, i'm almost ready." sofia called out as an answer.

this situation was different, sofia had no time to search for anything else to wear. immediately pulling on the dress, she only needed to wear her heels and she was ready to go.

getting her heels on, sofia quickly bolted for the stairs. one thing she knew about vincent for sure, was that he hated waiting. and she did not want to be the one causing him to wait.


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