Twisted Love
68 The City of Love 9
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Twisted Love
Author :Sadda
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68 The City of Love 9

and she did not want to be the one causing him to wait.

reaching the bottom of the stairs, sofia saw the father son duo sitting in the livingroom waiting for her. looking at the grandfather clock placed in the corner, the time displayed was 5:59 pm.

the clock made a loud sound, "dong. dong". it was now exactly 6pm. she was right on time.


the travel from the castle to the restaurant was pleasant. sofia was busy answering johnathan's many questions about the attractions he noticed throughout the journey. vincent was quite the whole time, looking at his phone.

almost 40 minutes into the journey, johnathan being the baby he was, started complaining. he was tired of sitting in the car for so long as well as being hungry.

not knowing what to tell him, sofia looked towards vincent for help. even though she lived in paris for two years, she had not gone to fancy restaurants to dine, so she had no idea where they were going or how far they were from the final destination.

"we are almost there." vincent answered instead sofia.

after that one sentence from vincent, sofia paid attention to her surroundings in order to understand where they were going exactly.

the further they traveled the more confused sofia became. the moment she could see the direction they were going to lead to the quai branly museum, she could not think of any 5 star restaurant that was locatated inside there.

they were quickly inside the museum with the manager as their guide. the when deep into the museum until they arrived at their destination, les ombres.

their reserved seating had the best view of the eiffel tower in the whole restaurant. from the outside the three of them looked like a loving family. a handsome father, a lovingly beautiful mother and their equally cute baby. it looked like a peaceful family outing with the child sticking to his mother the whole time getting pampered, with the occasional raffling of the hair from his father.

overall the dinner when swimmingly and it was time to go back to the castle for the night.

just as they left the restaurant and where out on the street waiting for the car to pick them up, vincent looked towards sofia and said, "i want johnathan to remember his first trip to paris..." having grabbed sofia's attention, "we will go to a place that has the best view of the eiffel tower and take pictures."


they had arrived at a building in front of the eiffel tower where there were many cafes, restaurants and gift shops for tourists. they were escorted to the building's rooftop. the view was breathtaking, the eiffel tower was lit up and the lake in front of it was reflecting the lights.

sofia had taken pictures where the eiffel tower was behind her but there were too many people there with her so she never had that dream picture where it was only her and the tower.

their current position was the location where that dream picture could be shot. she was happy that vincent wanted pictures so that johnathan could look back at his trips when he grew up in the future. with the excuse of johnathan, sofia could also get some nice pictures herself.


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