Twisted Love
70 The City of Love 11
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Twisted Love
Author :Sadda
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70 The City of Love 11

"sofia. come we will all take a picture together."

the group photography session when amazingly. vincent had gotten an excuse for holding her in front of so many people intimately.


just as the picture taking was completed, johnathan ran out to the photographer and said excitedly, "daddy and auntie's turn."

the innocent idea was an opportunity that the father would not let go of. the golden opportunity.

the shoot went on with little to no opposition from vincent, much to sofia's discomfort. she was hoping that she would not have be the one refusing to take pictures with her boss. but the minute vincent nodded his agreement, the people behind the scenes started their work not waiting for sofia's input onto the whole situation.

the photoshoot began with the pair just standing next to each other, but after a few clicks, the feedback was not one sofia was looking for. especially johnathan's whose idea it was to take the pictures in the first place.

"no no no no no no!" johnathan exclaimed. running towards them, johnathan pulled on his father sleeve and said "daddy hold auntie sofia like u did me."

vincent wrapped an arm around sofia's waist from the back and glanced at the miniature version of himself for approval. the pout said it all. but to emphasize his point johnathan exclaimed "both hands!"

having gotten his wish, johnathan went back to the photographer and stood next to him proudly looking onto his masterpiece.

sofia was uncomfortable standing so intimately with her boss, but the way johnathan was glowing after vincent put both his arms around her waist, she did not have the heart to say 'no'. so the picture taking process continued.

each pose after the other became more intimate. the first was them standing next to each other, after was vincent's arms around her waist. next was sofia holding onto vincent,s arm with dear life, this was one where her body was completely plastered on his arm meaning chest against his arm. them facing each other as they looked at each other was ok as there was no touching, but the one after was alittle weird, they were in the same position but with his arms around her waist and hers around his neck.

the one she was the most nervous about was the back hug. this one was where she was the one hugging vincent, and not the normal one, the photographer told her to look straight at the camera over vincent's shoulder with her fingers straight on his chest but alittle closer to the shoulders. it was a picture if looked at would be a very sexy theme, a seductress holding on to her man from behind. and the was the exact memo given to her right after vincent's back hug to her where they were looking at each other.

the only thing getting her through the process was johnathan's smiling face and vincent's constant reminder of it getting over soon and that she was doing well. this was the most helpful was when she was told the concept of the last three pictures.

first was one where vincent was standing behind her with one hand on her waist and the other just below her breast while she had to crane her neck to the side for better access and hike her long skirt up to show skin. next was her back to the camera facing vincent hugging but the sexy part was the way he was holding her, by opening her back zipper till just above her hips holding her skin to skin and the cherry on the top, kissing her neck. and finally last but not the least, the almost kiss.

this was where he was the most gentlemanly. he kept on telling her it was 'ok' in the most comforting manner. "just relax. take a deep breath. it's not going to be real. we will only be close. we will not be kissing for real. so relax."

it should have been super awkward after the poses they had done but the minute they were done, he said to her "thank you for doing this. it means a lot to johnathan and i'm sorry for making you uncomfortable with the poses." looking at johnathan and back to her "johnathan has been down these past few weeks and he looks so happy right now. you don't know what this means to me. thank you so much."

walking towards the photographer he called out to her "stay there and take a few solo pictures. you dont get this opportunity everyday."


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