Twisted Love
72 Path to Heaven 1
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Twisted Love
Author :Sadda
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72 Path to Heaven 1

As his thoughts wondered, his body with a mind of its own began to move. One destination in it's path.



The unsuspecting female lay in deep sleep after the long day. She was in such deep slumber that the sound of her room door opening was not heard.

She was dead asleep.

Vincent came to himself just as Sofia's room door closed behind him. He was in her room with the target asleep. The cause of his dilemma. There she was, sleeping beauty, ready for the beast.

Vincent walked like a lion stalking his prey during a hunt. Slow and silent. No sound to the movement. Dead silence with the exception of Sofia's deep, slow and steady breathing.

She was a sight to see. Golden locks spread out on the pillow with the comforter just above her knees. What a sight to see indeed.

One thing Vincent loved about Sofia was her lack of awareness regarding her clothing. She always had clothes bordering comfort and sexy lingerie as sleepwear.

Tonight she was wearing black semi-sheer triangle bikini top dress, with the dress part being sheer enough to see her bellybutton. The underwear part was completely visible as the dress had ridden up during her sleep driven movements. They were black lace up underwear, that could be undone with just the slight tug of the lace.

Temptations, temptations.

Vincent felt a growing heat starting to travel allover his body leading to his crotch. With the passing second, his hand moved closer to the tied lace on Sofia's hip. With a light pull, one side came loose and the other followed.

With the underwear off, Vincent got his own throbbing cock out of his pants and pleasured himself as he trailed a finger up Sofia's inner thigh from where the comforter layed up to her exposed hairless crotch. She had made her preparations for tomorrow night in advance. He liked it.

His finger traced her crotch in circular motion leading slowly to the unused entrance. His finger touched wetness the minute he had reached his destination. She was wet.

The first time he had touched her there, she had not gotten wet. But now she was growing used to his touch, feeling more pleasure from it. Vincent smiled a proud predatorial smile. It was something to be proud of. Sofia was feeling pleasure from his touch.

His tempo increased with the hand on himself, just as one finger entered into Sofia. She was feeling it, he knew this as the minute his finger entered her, she gave a moan "haaa".

Not wanting to wake her up, his 'in' and 'out' movements were slowly and steady. While he himself was pumping hard. Almost there.

Just as he was going to reach his climax, Sofia not being able to stop moaning called out "Aaaaa, Beeennn, aaaaaah".

The name of her fiance.

This one word was an ice cold shower for Vincent who was almost at the verge on climaxing. The taboo situation. Calling someone's name while being pleasured by another. For Vincent it was Ben's name. His direct competitor.

The temperature took a dive into one of the poles. Vincent was fuming. Looking at the unsuspecting cause of the current situation, Vincent narrowed his eyes into slits while speaking in a low husky voice "Sofia. Sofia. Sofia. What do I do with you? Call for someone else while I am with you. Normally this would lead to his blood being on your hands," taking a deep breath to calm himself down, he continued in a much deeper voice "but I'll let it go for tonight as you are not mine yet. But the minute this happens again..... You don't want to know what I would do. No idea at all."

Vincent got up from the bed, tidied himself up and slowly tied Sofia's underwear back up and covered her with the comforter. "Now wouldn't want you catching anything." he spoke slowly.

Vincent walked to the door and left Sofia's room with one last glance at her and closing the door behind himself.


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