Twisted Love
73 Path to Heaven 2
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Twisted Love
Author :Sadda
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73 Path to Heaven 2

It was a new day. New beginnings. And for Sofia, D-day. Today was the day she would be meeting her fiancee for the first time in 2+ months. To add the cherry on the top, she would be with him for his birthday at 12am just as the clock strikes midnight.

Saturday's were normally semi duty day, as Vincent would try spending more time with Johnathan playing around. The duty was divided into morning's for him and evenings for Sofia, till dinner. And that was the same today.

Sofia spent her free time double checking everything she had gotten for Ben's surprise. His gift which included his favorite flowers and chocolate, and most importantly his handmade suit. She was pressing all the stops to make it a memorable night for the two of them. A romantic night.

Time passed like sand through an hourglass. It was dinner time, and almost time for Sofia to start on her nerve wracking journey.

Dinner was like usual. Johnathan, sitting between Sofia and Vincent, was enjoying his pampering time. Both father and mother would either rub or pat his head whenever he ate his greens, or in his case when he ate anything on his plate by himself.

Dinner was over and it was time for Sofia to be on her way.

Vincent knowing the plan, took Johnathan to his room himself to get ready for bed. A routine completed by Sofia since the day she started living with them.

Half-way, Noticing the absence of Sofia, Johnathan turned towards his father and innocently inquired "Daddy. Where is Auntie Sofia?" Looking around for any glimpse of golden locks near him, "Is Auntie Sofia not coming for bath time?"

Each question lead to Johnathan's aura becoming duller until they had reached his room. Before they could enter the door, he noticed the lights in Sofia's room being on. Quickly loosening his father's hold on his hand, Johnathan bolted towards the light.

The scene inside the lite room was not short of any romantic movie. There she was right out of the bath, towel covering what needs to be covered, and a hairdryer in hand, in the process of drying her hair.

Johnathan saw no significance to this scene, but it was completely different for the adults. Vincent in specific, who had brief eye contact with the almost naked Sofia before she looked away.

It was an awkward situation from which Sofia had no way of getting out due to the little man running towards her, with his arms wide open ready to be carried. The scene did not play out as expected because of the knight in shining armor.

Vincent had finally gotten a hold of Johnathan before he did something that should not happen. The boy was no road kill, the whole time he was in his dad's arms, Johnathan was struggling with the hold, trying to break free and go back to his light.

"Johnathan! That is enough out of you." Setting the startled boy in the hallway right outside their rooms. "Auntie Sofia has plans for tonight. Dont disturb her. Let her get ready."

Looking at the person with all the information, Johnathan quietly asked with tears in his eyes, "Is she leaving?"

His answer was only but a single word.



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