Twisted Love
76 Surprise 2
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Twisted Love
Author :Sadda
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76 Surprise 2

opening the bedroom door slowly and stepping out into the living room, sofia's whole world turned upside down.

the view was something sofia could not have even imagined as her worst nightmare. no. it was much worse.

bodies laying over each other. some two, while others three or four. sofia was left stunned. she had heard of something similar to this while working. one of her co-workers was one day talking about how her ex-boyfriend had once taken her to a party where people had sex in groups not caring about others doing the same.

if she remembered it correctly it was called an orgy. a party where people got together to have sex with multiple partners.

sofia remembered how she had told ben about this one day, where he had told her there was no such thing and that her coworker was making things up.

and now, here she was witnessing an orgy. one where her fiancee was having sex with two people. two guys pounding into the same girl from both sides.

her mind went completely blank. nothing but the scene of ben having sex with someone else in her view. the person who said he'd wait till their wedding night was pleasing himself with someone else. the person she had planned to give away her virginity to tonight as a way to tell him how much she loved and trusted him in their relationship.

the person she wanted to spend her whole life with.

sofia did not know what happened but all she remembered was that she got her phone and called someone. even before the person on the other end could say hello, she had already started talking "get me out of here. please get me out of here. i don't want to be here anymore." towards the end of her constant rambling, she had started crying.

within what felt like an eternity, the front door opened and in came a group of men dressed in black. they made a beeline towards the still stunned sofia.

the entrance of the men in black brought everyone back to the present. it was a cold bucket of water for the owner of the apartment. ben had noticed the men walk towards his bedroom, and by looking at where they were going, he noticed the figure in white.

an angel in white with tears running down her face as a group men approached her in unison.

only one word was spoken in the dead quite room full of people laying in multiple lewd positions. "sofia?"

this one word lead to the ground of stranger to surround the person in question. it looked almost as if they wanted to prevent her from seeing the current situation. a physical barrier between sofia and the orgy situation.

sofia could not have been more grateful to vincent at the present moment. even though this was not a situation he had given her bodyguards for, they had still been her redeeming option. if not for them, sofia did not know what to do. how to get out of there without losing her self esteem.

without looking at the animal in the room, sofia slowly removed the ring on her finger that now for some reason felt heavier. heavy enough that it was starting be uncomfortable to wear any longer.

the last thing connecting sofia to ben had been removed from her body and layed on a table, with the cause having a front row view. ben had seen the minute sofia had taken out his ring and kept it on the table for him to see.

and like she was never there, sofia left the area escorted by men dressed in black all around her without looking back at the lie her life had been.


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