Twisted Love
77 Surprise 3
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Twisted Love
Author :Sadda
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77 Surprise 3

and like she was never there, sofia left the area escorted by men dressed in black all around her without looking back at the lie her life had been.

the day she had decided to give herself to the man in her life, was the day she found out that it had all been a lie. the veil on her life had risen and the view was completely different to what she was able to see before. all the lies had been uncovered.

sofia felt helpless. for the first time in forever, she had been an actual damsel in distress. a damsel in need of saving. a damsel in need of a knight in shining armor. one she got by a dozen because of a king she knew.

a king to her that was not short of any other king. one who even far away, had come to her saving.

this had proved yet again, vincent king was a man of honor and deserving of all the respect she could ever give. and the one rock preventing her from falling.

the trip back to the castle was spent in silence with tears falling down sofia's face and the occasional whimpers as she tried not to be loud. this scene if seen by the devil would have both made his day and ruined it. sofia looked too beautiful biting her lips and eyes wet looking as if she was trying to seduce someone, and the latter because he was not the for the tears whether happy or sad.

the car arrived at the front door and even before one of the men on duty could open the door for sofia, it was opened by a man wearing black pajama pants with a black formfitting t-shirt. he looked equally as good in casual as he did in formal.

looking out for the open car door, sofia came face to waist with the black wall in front of her. as she was not moving to get out, the wall slowly descended until she was eye to eye with a pair of deep dark pools belonging to the one person who she needed the most at the present moment.

before any words could be spoken, sofia leaped onto vincent's chest, arms around his neck holding for dear life. vincent's arms wrapped around the weeping woman in reflex, trying to give her all the safety she needed in his hold. one that made the weeping sofia cry even harder as she was finally safe.

she had developed a sense of security whenever vincent was around. he had been the one saving her even before she was aware of his presence. this sense of security was what she needed from everything she had come to learn in the past few hours.

hours that had felt like eons.

with sofia holding on for dear life, vincent slowly moved on of his arms down her waist and under her thighs. he slowly lifted her out of the car and fully into his hold, becoming her sole support, where she could only feel him all around herself with nothing but him. he was holding her in all the senses of the iconic princess carry. a position where sofia's chest was pressed against vincent's because the way she was holding onto him. and the added bonus of her soft body in his hold with sofia pressing herself harder onto vincent.

the duo made their way inside as the night got deeper. one unsuspecting woman and the other a beast awaiting his time. the hunt finally coming to the finishing line after much longing and secrets revealed.


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