Twisted Love
80 Falling Down the Abyss 2
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Twisted Love
Author :Sadda
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80 Falling Down the Abyss 2

she was not letting him out of her sight, not a single movement went unseen. she could not afford to, he was the only thing that was calming her down and preventing her from falling down the deep and dark hole known as the abyss.

vincent made his way back towards the star eyed sofia with both hands occupied by their drinks. his slow and steady steps were being processed in slow motion in sofia's eyes. his every movement, a distraction from her current depressing situation. water vapors created on the cup's surface, were the perfect indicator of how hot it was in the room. sliding down of said vapor on the cup, dripping onto vincent's long, lean fingers that lead to beautifully sculpted strong many arms that peeked from his rolled up t-shirt sleeves was a marvel.

what she would not give to forget it all and just stay in this moment forever.

eventhough she was looking at him the whole time, sofia did not register when the object of her fascination had actually arrived and standing in front of her. lost in her own world of fantasies and womanly impulses.

'~ how would it feel to have those arms around me?

~ would it be as good as when he was carrying me in his arm? '




hearing his voice calling out her name multiple times, did sofia slowly process the sound and came to the present. she had been lost in her very inappropriate thoughts. being startled awake, sofia voiced out her confusion "ye... yes?"

reaching out the hand carrying the cup of orange juice towards her, "your drink." vincent answered with an almost knowing smile, that would have gone missing if not for sofia's constant eye on his every action at the moment.

sofia hesitatingly reached out towards vincent's hand as he gave her the drink.

'~did he find out what i was thinking about him? '

she was feeling hot just with the thought of him finding out about what was going on in her over active mind.

taking a quick sip of the cold drink, sofia looked up at vincent with hesitation, eyes moving from the cup in her hands to his face multiply times, not sure what to say. even with the uncertainty, she still uttered the most common term of appreciation, a "thank you".

having given the drink to sofia, vincent slowly distanced himself from sofia by shifting himself to sit on a couch located next to hers. leaning back on the couch with his unoccupied arm laying flat on the back rest, he took a slow and sexy sip from his drink. his eyes never moving from her face, taking everything in. the shifty eyes, the fidgeting body which could not seem to determine its course of action.

the atmosphere growing hotter with an uncomfortable tension. not the one where people are having troubles, but sexual tension. she was growing hot allover. his adam's apple shifting up and down as he look a sip from his drink, the very normal everyday actions were starting to become more then that. as if even him breathing could throw her over the bridge.

she was for the first time dripping wet and developing an itch that for some reason was not stopping even with her thighs rubbing together constantly. just as the rubbing increased in speed and pressure in order to satisfy the impulse, sofia heard vincent's voice again.

"are you feeling ok?"

his voice had always been deep, but at this moment, to sofia it sounded divine. she wanted to hear more of it. up close and personal.

her body as if pulled by a magnet, glided towards the concerned vincent. her steps feather light, and almost angelic. hypnotizing. each foot the moved forward, lead to her hips swaying from side to side. mesmerizing.

she was not short of any seductress at that moment. with her target in her immediate sight, nothing could stop her. not even she herself.


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