Twisted Love
83 Falling Down the Abyss 5
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Twisted Love
Author :Sadda
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83 Falling Down the Abyss 5

She will have to be responsible for her actions tonight, whether she wanted to or not. She had been given fair amount of warnings before hand and had chosen to move forward regardless. The illusion of free will was a wonders thing. A double edged sword one could say. Given in the right hands could produce Heaven but in the wrong, Hell.

There she was, in a state of complete underdress with the exception of the negligible piece of lace that only made her more appealing to the eye. Vincent was having a hard time not feasting on the meal in front of him. The only restrain present, his self control for achieving a successfully fruitful result on a 2 years in the making plan.

Vincent had a self control that even the most religious of monks are not capable of. In order for this day to come, Vincent had stayed away from the love and obsession of his life for 2 years. It was now time to taste the fruit of his dedicated patience. A fruit by the name of Sofia McAne, an innocent yet sexy young woman.

Sofia unaware of the mind of her target, began quietly stalking towards a relaxed Vincent. Having reached a safe distance, she pounced onto him. Chest to chest, her face on the curve between his neck and shoulder, punting short hot breaths.

Sliding his collar down, Sofia rained quick wet kisses on Vincent's shoulder before asking, "Is this enough proof?" slowly distancing herself from him enough to look him in the eye, "Or do you want more?"

Before she could get a reply, Sofia held Vincent's face with both hands pouncing on his lips with quick yet inexperienced kisses. To her this was the best she could do with the amount of knowledge she had, given the others were far above her comfort level of initiation.

Not wanting to give her a way to change her mind after her bold move, Vincent initiated actions of his own. His arms slowly wrapped around her delicate waist, plasting her naked upper body tighter against his own and deepened the kiss. It began with closed mouth kisses, and slowly escalated into Vincent gradually inserting his tongue into her mouth until a path opened up.

Vincent started out softly playing with Sofia's tongue but grew bolder as she began moaning due to his actions. At first it was only playing with the tongue then it moved on to exploring her mouth until her moans grew louder. At one point having not breath for a while, Sofia slowly distanced herself from the kiss. Not wanting it to repeat, one of Vincent's hands slowly traced up Sofia's back to the back of her head. Lacing his fingers into her hair, Vincent held onto Sofia's head preventing her from moving as she liked.

Wanting Sofia to take in a few breaths before he kissed her again, Vincent trailed kisses down her neck to her shoulder and back. While doing so, added "Breath from your nose. It will make it better."

Having heard the advice, Sofia slowly acted on it. Seeing the actions, Vincent took it as a sign and started French kissing her again, but this time more aggressively then before.

Not getting enough of her, Vincent slowly began exploring Sofia unguarded body. The touch of his cold fingers on her hot body caused Sofia to shiver in pleasure. Maneuvering their bodies in a way that did not break their kiss, Vincent lightly layed Sofia down on the couch on her back with him of top of her.

This position was more comfortable for Vincent to explore the treasure trove before him. Vincent had officially started his treasure hunt. He slowly kissed down her face, onto her neck and finally reached her two mounts. Two very perky mounts with round pink erect nipples to top it off.

Each kiss on a nipple from Vincent was followed by a loud moan and the arching of Sofia's body from extreme pleasure. She was feeling pleasure from even the smallest of touches whether intended or not. She was losing her mind not wanting to stop.


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