Twisted Love
84 Falling Down the Abyss 6
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Twisted Love
Author :Sadda
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84 Falling Down the Abyss 6

each kiss on a nipple from vincent was followed by a loud moan and the arching of sofia's body from extreme pleasure. she was feeling pleasure from even the smallest of touches whether intended or not. she was losing her mind not wanting to stop.

she had read some books and looked up about sex on the internet for extra knowledge. but even with all the information she had collected, first hand experience was in its own league. nowhere was it mentioned that just by being kissed, could a woman go to cloud nine. the slightest of friction from the movement of vincent's finger, sofia felt a jolt of pleasure travel allover her body and then straight to her core.

it was starting to become unbearable. sofia wanting to find her relive, started rubbing her thighs against vincent's leg, while her fingers held onto his hair wanting him closer.

finding fingers lacing through his hair and getting pulled at, vincent slowly detached his mouth from the breast he was feasting on and looked at sofia.

"do you want me to stop?"

having heard the unexpected statement, sofia felt dread creeping down her spine. he was going to stop. not wanting it to stop, sofia opened her mouth about to reply when she felt a hard pinch on her nipple. that single pinch had thrown her off the ship. she could only moan outloud while her body experienced its first climax. heaven.

the thought of saying anything vanished from her mind, drawing vincent's face closer to herself sofia kissed him again. with desperation. what better way to prove to him she wanted it, then to show it to him. with that mentality, sofia continued kissing him trying to follow his earlier actions. kissing, playing with his tongue only stopping when she was out of breath.

it was true that sofia had initiated the situation, but other than just removing her clothes and pecking vincent on the lips a few times, she had not done anything else. it was all vincent. kissing, exploring, sofia was only laying there on the receiving end. and that is not what he wanted.

vincent knowing what to do, slowly got out of sofia's tight hold sitting upright, bring sofia along side him. they were sitting face to face. giving her a quick peck on the lips, vincent moved back to sit on the couch in his previous relaxed position. the only difference, the inferno raging within his eyes. motioning for sofia to come to him with a finger, vincent relaxed himself further into the couch.

sitting with enough space next to him for sofia, vincent waited as she slowly crawled to him from her sitting position on the couch. it was a sight to see. hair a mess, eyes hooded with pleasure, breasts jiggling with the slightest of movement, and last but not the least, all the possibilites that would follow.

sofia made her way to vincent and sat flashed against him, almost sitting on him completely. kissing his collar bone, sofia softly voiced out her demand in between each kiss, "don't stop... i want it..... please....."

vincent was on cloud nine. sofia, the object of his desire was pleading for him. it was not short of any dream. vincent's eyes flashed a predatory glint. leaning close to her face, vincent breathed out next to her ear and spoke "its not really fair..... now is it?"

seeing the confusion in her eyes, vincent added "your all naked and i'm fully dressed." looking her in the eye. "don't you think it's unfair?"

"do u want to get undressed?" sofia voiced her confusion, "go ahead."

leading her hands to the hem of his shirt, vincent spoke to sofia in a gentle yet commanding voice, "help me."

taking the hint, sofia slowly but surely started undressing the male god in front of her. a man she could not wait to have. the heat in her body grew hotter. she was going to cum just from looking at his body.

during the exchange of saliva, the couple shifted their location to somewhere with more space and comfort. vincent carried a lust filled sofia up the stairs and onto his bed. her rightful place, in his room, on his bed, where she belonged. where she was his and only his.


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