Twisted Love
88 A New Day 3
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Twisted Love
Author :Sadda
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88 A New Day 3

With an explanation good enough given, Johnathan waved a quick goodbye towards Sofia before closing the door behind himself. Now it was only the two of them left again.

The sound of the door closing behind Johnathan, had woken Sofia out of her daze. This was also the point where everything really hit her. Johnathan had caught her in his father's arms.


In bed.

This was not something she had ever imagined would happen to her. Being caught in bed with his father by a 2 year old. Someone she was tasked to discipline into a cultured young man. It might not have been something he understood now per say, but what about when he did.....?

Even the thought of it was driving Sofia into the depths of depression. She has never been a bad person, to anyone. But when Johnathan grew up and understood things, this scene will have a completely different meaning. His nanny seduced his father 2 months into her work.

Is that not a bad person?

A greedy woman?

Looking from the door to Vincent, her eyes grew damp. The view before her eyes grew hazy and she felt her face grow wet. She was shedding silent tears.

Seeing Sofia's face wet with tears, Vincent grew confused with himself. On one hand he was happy to have her in his arms, but at the same time his heart hurt seeing her tears. It was something he could not do anything about. She was over thinking things. But he could not really prevent her from doing so.

Unconsciously Vincent's hand moved to Sofia's face and gently traced under her eyes with his thumb while holding the side of her head. It was a gentle touch, almost nonexistent, but at that given moment it was the most comforting thing. This one gesture proved to Sofia one important point.

Vincent was a good man.

A cultured man.

Even after the events of last night, he was still treating her nicely. There was no sense of disgust present in his actions. He did not treat her as loose woman who had gotten into his pants.

The moment passed in a blink of an eye for Sofia whose mind was occupied by her racing thoughts. But for Vincent who was witnessing his love cry, it was an eternity.

Not being able to tolerate it any longer, he gently spoke "Are you feeling okay?"

Looking into her eyes, "Are you hurting anywhere?" not getting an answer he added "What happened?"

The only reaction to all the questions was a single shake of her head.

Not wanting to see her crying further, Vincent slowly took Sofia into a firm yet gentle hold. Her face placed at his neck. He could feel her breathing in. Short but deep breaths. She was trying to calm herself down.

Noticing the breathing pattern change, Vincent finally voiced out "Are you good now?"

A quiet voice sounded hoarsely, "Thank you"

Sofia's voice had been hoarse with all her silent crying.


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