Twisted Love
91 A New Day 6
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Twisted Love
Author :Sadda
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91 A New Day 6

One minute she was on the bed, the next on her knees.

Her legs had gave out on her. She had been feeling completely fine while sitting on the bed but the minute her whole body weight was on her own legs fully; they had turned to mush. This had never happened before, not even when she had gotten sick, her legs never gave out on her.

This was going to be the first of many.

The moment Sofia's body moved down to the ground, Vincent sprinted like never before. The effects of gravity, what can anybody do?What goes up, has to come back down.

He was not expecting to have worked her this hard. Sure, they had a couple of rounds, but he had controlled himself. He had held back on her. As it was her first time, he had been merciful. If it were his choice, he would still be in her and not standing so far away from her.

Sofia's fall had not yet been completed, when she felt arms under her armpits holding her up. A toned, white and hairless, chest with some kind of tribal tattoo came into her direct eyesight.

Her gaze unconsciously followed the said Tattoo; starting from the chest going to his wide shoulder and then disappearing into the full sleeved yet unbuttoned white shirt. The one fascinating thing Sofia encountered, from the open shirt, she had gotten a peek at the same tribal tattoo going down the side of his eight pack abdomen and disappearing down his V and into his pants. It was a design that drew one's attention to itself.

Vincent had a Tribal tattoo covering almost 1/3 of his visable chest. It was not a tattoo which was overly packed with multiple designs, but one where the whole thing continued from one end to the other. His skin still showing through, almost as if trying to highlight his lean yet muscular physique even more.

The addition of the dark colored pattern on his body was as intimidating as the man himself. The tattoo gave off a feeling of Power and Strength. It was unexpected, but perfect for him. Even though, Vincent's businessman attire was all white man and professional, but the addition of the tattoo gave him a mysterious aspect that would make him even more desirable to the female population.

Sofia began wondering, how had she missed such a big detail when she had last seen Vincent's upper body naked. Sure, he was not the one with all her focus directed towards, but still, it was a 'right in you face' type of tattoo. Not some small insignificant one which could have gone unnoticed if one didn't try to find it. This was a piece which covered a whole lot of his body.

Vincent had been keenly watching all of Sofia's unguarded expressions. How it went from shock to relief, to amazement and finally to confusion. He loved her confusion filled face, it was as if she was trying to put together a very complicated puzzle which grabbed all of her attention, leaving her completely unguarded for that given time span.

She had been getting confused a lot because of him as of late. And he was loving all of the attention. Any attention from Sofia was welcome, it meant she was finally Noticing him.

The day was getting better and better, and the day had not even begun. He could not wait for more. How it would move forward in the future.

For the time being, Vincent would need to keep his distance, in her sight, but out of reach. This will imbed him in her every day life unnoticed and unconsciously. This was how human habits are developed over time, the presence of an object or action being present during or over a span of time. This was how alcoholics get addicted to alcohol and how Sofia will develop a sense of dependence on Vincent.

A habit of looking for Vincent whenever she needed anything. A dangerous yet very real Habit. This would be the last obstacle she needed to cross for her to be his completely. In mind, body and soul.

The first step had already been taken. Vincent was the first person Sofia had called when she had discovered Ben's true face. And being there for her when she needed him most, where she new or not would keep this plan moving forward.

Breaking her fall, one he did not want her getting hurt but at the same time insuring her unconscious of his presence in her time of need.

"Are you ok?" called out Vincent, in a husky voice worried.

Looking up from the tattoos on his chest to the black eyes gazing at her, Sofia smiled weakly "I .... don't know... what just. I was completely fine, but the minute.... I stood up....." moving her gaze from him to the wood flooring and back "I was down here."

Smiling a weak smile, Vincent slowly wrapped an arm around her back while raising her off the ground.

It was a very smooth transition. Fully displaying Vincent's upper body strength. He had lifted Sofia's body off the ground single handedly, while the other hand stabilized her fatigued body by getting a hold around her back.

"That ... would be my fault...." Looking into her eyes, Vincent slowly moved her closer to himself "I couldn't hold myself back last night."

The closer Sofia got to Vincent, his manly scent mixed in with a slight sweetness began wafting into her nose. The sweetest smelt familiar to her senses, she had smelt this smell somewhere before. The was a touch of her perfume that had gotten on his body during their activities.

He gently placed Sofia on the soft bed, "I have not been with anyone since Johnathan's birth,.... I ....lost control." Slowly moving, taking step after step backwards, Vincent stopped a few steps away "I'm really sorry... I feel as if I have taken advantage of you."


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